4 French Furniture Designs To Give Your House A Royal Look

We all know the popularity of French as a language. But apart from an exceptionally alluring history and culture, the French have also mastered the art of decorating their houses with the splendid Vintage French furniture designs that are popular not just among the French people but all over the world. Their furniture is the perfect mixture of culture and metropolis. The extremely aesthetic designs and furniture styles make it worth an investment.

Talking about vintage furniture, France’s furniture styles have been continuously evolving right from the time of King Louis XIII to the reign of Napoleon. So, if you are wondering what type of furnishings you should be purchasing, then here is a list of four of the most popular designs that originated in France throughout its history.

Régence (1715–1730)

During the reign of Regent named Philippe d’Orléans when Rococo style of furniture started becoming popular among the French people. The furnishings were made out of materials like oak and Pine, and gilt bronze was used to decorate them.

Directoire (1789–1805)

In 1789, the French economy saw a great decline that led to the introduction of Directoire furniture made up of cheap and easily available materials like beech, ebony, copper, and brass. The furniture was mostly basic and standard as people did not give much attention to style and designs.

Empire (1805–1815)

As the name suggests, the Empire furniture designs were introduced by Napoleon I, who gave very much importance to art and centralized artistic productions. The furnishings are made out of marble, walnut, and mahogany and are carefully designed with symmetrical ornamentation that stands as a grandeur symbol.

Restoration (1815–1830)

Lastly, if you are looking for Vintage French furniture that is comfortable and portable, and affordable, this design should be on the top of your list. Its delicate molding and floral motifs were one of the most popular designs during France’s restoration period.