5 Major Things to Know Before Installing the Blown-in Insulation

Many people prefer to insulate their homes with the best insulation process, but they must learn about the different insulation types well before that. The people who are new to this concept must grab some details about blown-in insulation if they prefer to. It will help them to know whether they should go for it or not and will also help you to grab some details about the concept of cellulose vs fiberglass insulation in this old house. It’s crucial to know about the various insulations properly so that you wont get into any problem after considering any one of them.

  • Never Stand on Joints

The first element you should keep in mind before getting connected to blown-in insulation is never to stand on joints.

  • Recruit a Helper

Another important factor is to recruit a helper so that you can have a safe and secure insulation process done.

  • Use Battery-operated Lights

Try to use the battery-operated lights so that you can charge them when they are going out of their battery. Batteries are the best element to be used as it helps people charge them anytime and use them well.

  • Don Protective Gear

Always try to use the protective gears while getting involved in any insulation process as it will allow you to have a great impact on your work.

  • Box-Off Electrical Boxes and Recessed Can Lights

When you opt for blown-in insulation, then try to consider the box-off electrical boxes as it will help you to lift them easily without facing any trouble.


After reading the above points, you can understand the major things you must consider before getting connected to blown-in insulation. It will also help you be safe while dealing with this insulation as it is not safe to perform all the tasks on your own, so be focused and careful.