8 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Doing Well

Love is truly beautiful. It is one mystery the world has not been able to unravel. We all long for love and when we finally experience it, our lives just sparkle like diamonds in the sky. But there are times when love becomes sour, or it becomes starved, or there are troubling waters threatening to destroy the lovely relationship you have. 

You can often fix problems in a relationship, but the sooner you mend them, the better it is, and the greater the chances are you can grow stronger through them. Hence, the following are signs that your relationship is not doing well. Identify them and start working on finding solutions for them before your relationship is beyond repair. And once you feel that your relationship is going nowhere, there is no need to push it, and all you need to do is look for Top GFE Service Amsterdam and move on. 

  • Poor communication:

Without good communication in a relationship, things might be rocky. Beyond just checking on your partner and asking about his/her well-being, you must be eager to always fill him/her in with how your day went. Communication is vital, so aim to become each other’s best friends, because that’s what friends do. They spend lots of time together and can stay up till midnight just chatting. Also, both partners must be able to communicate their feelings to each other. You must be able to tell your partner how you truly feel without fear of apprehension.

  • Decreasing value:

When someone loves you, he/she values you. If your partner doesn’t care about the stuff that matters to you, you may be on the road towards relationship failure. When you have a goal or a plan, your partner should give you the support you need. If you are sick, he/she should be happy to go all out to take care of you. When people try to attack you in words or actions, your partner should be ready to defend you. At the end of it all, your world being beautiful is one of his/her most important projects.

  • “The Walking Eggshell situation”:

A love relationship shouldn’t only make you feel complete, but also relaxed about who you are. Do you feel this way? Or is there a need to “keep the relationship together?” Are you walking on eggshells, not being able to relax when you are together with your partner? There may be constant worries that your partner would have angry outbursts or feel hurt for something you said, and as such you frequently “bite your tongue.” Hence, you are not able to speak out what is in your heart, and the distance in between you too just increases.

  • Disapproval:

There may be tensions in your relationship because your partner doesn’t like you the way you are, so you try to act like someone you are not. This kind of pretense only causes inner stress, frustrations, and unhappiness.

You must be comfortable with the way you look, act, and talk with your partner. Be comfortable being naughty, being stupid once in a while, being playful without the feeling that your partner will not approve of you. Until you can be able to be yourself without the fear of being judged, your relationship needs to be evaluated.

  • Mistrust:

 Trust is one of the greatest factors to consider in a relationship. You can only love someone you can fully trust. It is not good if you monitor your partner like a crime investigator, alleging him/her about stuff he/she did not do. When suspicion creeps in, trust goes out, and the relationship is going in the wrong direction. If care is not taken, you may sooner or later be facing relationship failure.

  • Resentment:

If a time ever comes when you start to resent your partner, know that something is wrong somewhere. You typically roll your eyes and sigh at most things your partner says or does. It can be as bad as resenting him/her for the same reasons you once love them for. If you ever reach this point, it’s definitely a red flag. Resenting your partner will be very toxic to your relationship. Love and resent can never coexist.

  • Daily fights:

It is normal for every couple once in a while to argue. However, if you and your partner start fighting seriously about the same set of issues over and over again, something is wrong. There is a way fighting tends to tear you apart, and the bridge gets wider over time. If this is happening in your relationship, you need to do something about it.

  • Comparison:

Never get to a point where you compare your partner to other people. The truth of the matter is there are no perfect people, and while you are patient with him/her to work on some issues he/she may have, keep away from comparing him/her to others. Comparing your relationship with old ones will bring it to ruin.