A General Guide to Wagering on the 5th Inning in Baseball

As America’s national pastime baseball captures the minds of millions each year. It is a truly global sport enjoyed in homes and parks all over the world. Being one of the four major sports it is bet on constantly. For many reasons people enjoy betting on baseball. Regardless if it is the allure of a day game, the chance to bet at better odds for a win by two or the vast array of available statistical information humans are drawn to wagering on the sport of baseball. One betting option that is often overlooked in the realm of baseball handicapping is the five inning wager. The 5th inning line in baseball is the odds or cost of either team being ahead at the end of the fifth inning. If the team you placed a bet on is winning after the fifth inning of the game then you win your bet.

I enjoy the five inning wager in major league baseball for many reasons. The first is that the bet can tie. Have you heard at the black jack table that a tie is a win? The same concept applies. If you bet on the winner of the entire game in baseball you will win or lose your bet no matter what. If you wager on just the first five innings your bet can actually tie. Here is one example of how this can play to our advantage. Say you make a hundred baseball wagers over the course of a season. For each wager you get four free drinks and $5 in food comps from the casino. Out of your hundred bets you may push on 15 or so. For every push or tie you are returned all your money. The perks then become free and you now have $60 in food and 60 free drinks to enjoy with minimal risk. Five inning lines also provide us with other cost saving opportunities over large quantities of bets.

A second favorite reason I like betting on the five innings in baseball is the opportunity to capture better odds. In some cases the five inning line is better then the entire game. The price the casino wants to charge you to bet on a baseball game can be cheaper for the five inning wager. For example the Toronto Blue Jays line is -170 for a particular day, meaning for every $170 you bet you will win a $100 plus your $170 back. Going to the right casino you see that to bet on the Blue Jays but only for the first five innings it is actually cheaper then for you to bet on the entire game. In this example it might be only -165 for the five inning line and now a $165 bet on the Blue Jays wins a $100. Fifth inning prices are a great alternative to full game lines and provide opportunities to capture value in there movements and differences.

Five inning betting provides value in other ways as well. It is my impression that the starting pitcher in baseball is one of the most consistent and constant variables to the game. The ball in most cases is in the starting pitchers hands for over half of the game. They are responsible for controlling the action and there specific performance will often dictate the outcome of a game. They are at times the most rested reliable components of any given team. Given enough research and study a starting pitchers results can become predictable and useful. Betting on the first five innings almost assures us we are betting on one specific pitcher. There will also be minimal static such as managerial decisions, hitting adjustments, fatigue and the other considerations that are harder to understand beyond five innings and with multiple pitchers. Five inning betting allows us more betting choices and the chance to become more sophisticated and stable in our wagering.

As our five inning betting becomes stronger and more frequent other advantages may reveal themselves. I like the fact that for five inning bets you learn your results quicker. Understanding results at a quicker pace can lead to creative money management and other unique hedging and betting opportunities. Betting the five inning allows you to bet the same game twice which can provide such advantages as betting diversification and avoidance of betting limits. For over/under totals the 5th inning lines can often offer value. Even small perks should not be discounted, like if you win the bet your money is returned to you faster. If you bet enough incorporating the five inning baseball bet into your arsenal might be a viable option and a great way to grow your handicapping bag of tricks.

Betting five inning lines in baseball is something I really enjoy both doing and researching. They are fun bets that the general public often discards mostly due to unfamiliarity or losing. Handicapping baseball games is an extremely difficult task. There are large bodies of research on baseball betting and everything should be taken into consideration before risking real money. When done responsibly and within reason betting the five inning line in baseball can be a rewarding experience. If variety is the spice of life then at the very least the 5th inning baseball wager gives us a chance to add some flavor to our betting world.