A Guide to Using Pinterest

Social networks are developing all over the web at a rapid rate. As technology has evolved, we have become social creatures of the Internet. We crave social interaction…on the Internet. Many of us already spend hours on the popular social network website, Facebook. Sometimes, newer networks may take some time to rise above the more popular ones, so they go unnoticed for a while. Recently though, one network has working hard to join the high ranks of the Internet social revolution: Pinterest.

The Pinterest Network allows users to share and repin images with their friends and other followers. Members of Pinterest can create boards organized into different categories such as my life, for the home, design, art, and a number of others too. Within the categories, a member then “pins images” to a specific board. Pinterest is similar to “window shopping,” -only it’s on the Internet.

Participating on the social network, Pinterest is pretty simple… Point, click and then “pin” your image. Then type in a URL and description of your image. Not only is Pinterest simple to use, it is a useful tool for writers. Writers can use specific images that link to their content on the web. It is an easy and free way to gain extra traffic to blogs or other content websites. For a writer who wanted to develop a following, now is the time to take advantage of this new social network. Buying IG Likes will not be an easy task for the business person. Proper research should be done at online site to get the effective results. The advantage of the Internet marketing will be advantageous if there will be proper plan at the social networking promotion. 

Writers live in a competitive world. It’s hard to attract new readers with original and fresh new content. There are thousands of articles on the web that can all relate to one same topic. Remember the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover?” On Pinterest, that saying is no longer true. Members of this social network will be judging the “image” that has been pinned. Authors need to make that image charming and unique so that people will click and repin. As more members begin to follow, an author has a chance to attract new readers.

There are already several writers taking advantage of Pinterest. There are boards that are pegged with articles about food, family, decorating, product reviews, health, crafts and technology. It isn’t just the simplicity and “eye-candy” that grabs the attention of new members though. On this social network, other people can repin the items that you have pegged too. When others repin your images, then there’s a chance to attract more readers. This sharing model is similar to the way a pyramid scheme works. Although, in this scheme of things, everyone wins.

It’s always best to catch something while it is new and fresh. We understand when people quote, “Out with the old, in with the new.” On the Internet, that saying is definitely true. Grab the gold brass ring while you can. If you are a writer looking to market your content, try learning more about Pinterest. Just don’t get lost down the rabbit-hole…