Allergies Acting Up Again Go Back To Bed – Know about it 

This year, get a jump-start on allergy season and try the hottest new remedy for itchy eyes and scratchy throats. The best part is, it doesn’t come in a pill bottle and you can use it lying down, preferably while snoozing. Give up? To benefit from today’s most cutting edge allergy treatment, you needn’t leave the comforts of your bedroom, just as long as it has a natural latex mattress. Natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and free of the pesticides that normally make your bedroom a battle zone. It may sound like a sweet dream, but rest assured, that is only a side effect. Natural latex is the real deal and a great way to beat the allergy blues. Let me tell you why:

If you are suffering from allergies, then you can choose the best twin mattress to sleep over. It is the best deal available to the individuals to have the best sleeping experience. The treatment of the allergy is being done with the natural and organic stuff of the mattress. 

Why are natural latex mattresses a boon for allergy sufferers?

Plenty of manufacturers offer organic cotton mattress covers or hybrid beds that mix synthetic with natural latex. These beds may provide some relief for allergy sufferers but they won’t go all the way. Organic mattress covers can’t rid a bed entirely of dust mites – every allergy sufferer’s enemy – and synthetic latex emits toxic fumes that trigger allergic reactions. However, natural latex mattresses repel dust mites and are not treated with any harmful pesticides, making them the best option for those of us who dread allergy season.

Will a mattress containing wool also do the trick?

While mattresses containing wool reduce the stress often experienced by allergy sufferers, they can only go so far. Together with natural latex they will keep dust mites almost entirely at bay and no other conventional mattress can compete with that. Dust mites cause and exacerbate asthma, provoke eczema and hay fever, and have been known to cause fatigue and depression. They live and breed in conventional cotton mattresses by the millions and are the culprits of scores of red, itchy eyes. Want to be virtually dust mite free? A natural latex and wool mattress is your best bet. For severe allergy sufferers, we recommend a dust mite barrier cover for 100% protection.

What about latex allergies?

Most latex allergies are triggered on contact. But natural latex mattresses are sheathed in layers of organic cotton and wool making it impossible for you to come into direct contact with the natural latex core. However, a tiny percentage of people react to latex proteins, so if you do have an allergy (examples; bananas and certain nuts) consult your doctor to get the thumbs up before springing for a natural latex mattress.

Win the war against watery eyes with natural latex as your weapon. Upgrade to a natural latex mattress and say goodbye to dust mites, and allergic reactions. When the outside world is swirling with pollen, ragweed, and the like, your bed should be your buddy not your bully. Treat your body right and try the ultimate allergy remedy: a natural latex and wool mattress.