Ancient Chinese Healing With Marijuana Seeds

Months before Jade Goody’s death from cancer, the tabloids pictured her tucking into a bag of marijuana seeds. Jade had heard that they had been used in ancient Chinese medicine as a cure for cancer and feeling that she had nothing to lose, decided to try munching hemp seeds in between her chemotherapy sessions. It’s not just cancer that marijuana seeds have been known to cure. There is CBD oil for sleep that is also quite popular across the globe, as it is believed to be a safe and effective treatment for sleep disorders.

All the ailments below can be cured with hemp seeds and whilst most parts of the hemp flower have been used in medicine it is the seeds that contain the most effective components for long-term health.

Childbirth Aid

Munching on marijuana seeds is said to alleviate the pain of a difficult delivery and help out during postpartum recovery. A packet of hemp seeds can also bring on an overdue birth or help with blood deficiencies during pre or post-pregnancy. The ancient Chinese have also been known to use hemp seeds to alleviate retained placentas in mothers that are just beginning to breast-feed and to help increase the milk flow.


Anthelmintic is a term given to drugs that help destroy and dispel parasites, including worms, in the body. It is thought that marijuana seeds have these properties and they are therefore prescribed to patients suffering from worms and parasites.


Next time you come up with a painful rash don’t reach for the antihistamines or anti-inflammatory medications. Hemp seeds are said to be an effective anti-inflammatory and work in soothing or reducing inflammation.


If you’ve cut your hand or have a nasty looking blister on your feet then marijuana seeds are said to be an effective antiseptic; so get munching! The seeds can stop sepsis from occurring and are said to prevent bacterial growth.


Hemp seeds can break up long-standing problems with the blood flow and restore the blood, pulse rates, veins, and arteries.

Menstrual Problems

Marijuana seeds are believed to be able to treat many different types of menstrual problems. However, they are most commonly used in ancient Chinese medicine as a corrective cure to help regulate periods.

The Aftermath of a Stroke

Zhong Feng is a neurological impairment that occurs as a result of a stroke. One of the symptoms is excess sweating and hemp seeds are commonly prescribed to help deal with this side-effect.

Ulcers and Sores

Most homeopathic medicines that are used to treat ulcers and sores contain marijuana seeds somewhere in the ingredients.


Hemp seeds have demulcent properties and can be used to soothe, protect, and nurture your intestinal membranes. This means that marijuana seeds are often recommended to patients suffering from Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative colitis.


Hemp seeds relax, loosen and stimulate evacuation of the bowels; therefore the seeds are commonly used to treat constipation. Even in today’s modern China, hemp seed oil capsules are still the most commonly prescribed remedy for constipation.

High-Blood Pressure

Marijuana seeds are recommended for patients suffering from high blood pressure as munching on hemp seeds is said to be able to reduce blood pressure.