Auric Blends Natural Perfumes For Spring And Summer: Review

Are you looking for a new perfume to wear this spring or summer and you’re tired of all the perfumes that hit the market that smell so similar? Try the all-natural roll-on cosmetica perfumes by Auric Blends.

Spring and summer are the seasons to wear lighter, warmer fragrances than in winter. The best types of fragrances to wear reflect the scents of spring and summer: roses, magnolias, jasmine, gardenias, and fresh fruits like orange, mango, strawberries, cherries, and plums.

Below are listed the top ten fresh perfume ideas from Auric Blends:

Floral and Fruity Fun For Anytime Wear

  • Tara:

Tara is one of Auric Blends’ original scents. For those of you who like sweet floral, fruity scents that are well balanced with woods, this is the one for you. It is a blend of rose and jasmine with pineapple and raspberry. But the fragrance is also balanced with the fresh, violet-like scent of orris root and the spicy, woodsy smell of sandalwood. This is a very fun, spring and summertime fragrance.

  • Coco Mango:

Yes, Coco Mango is really the name of a fragrance. It is truly a simple blend of coconut and mango. It’s a very original fruity fragrance, just perfect for the summer months.

  • One Love:

Is a very fun fragrance you won’t find anywhere else. It is a combination of black cherry and vanilla for a very surprising and flirty fragrance.

  • Aphrodesia is great for those of you who like sweet, powdery, rosy scents. It is a combination of rose and jasmine, but the base is vanilla to give it that romantic powdery effect and sandalwood to add some spice.
  • Jasmine:

Very little is more sensual than the fragrance of jasmine. It very frequently used in aromatherapy to enhance sensuality and lift the spirits. This jasmine perfume is mixed with other soft florals and sandalwood for a very well-rounded, sensual perfume just perfect for the summer breezes.

  • Lovers Moon was made to remind us of love under the summer moons. It’s a combination of gardenia, rose, the powdery, and the vanilla scent of heliotrope. But it is also balanced with a base of musk and spicy sandalwood. This is a lovely fragrance that smells like a summer garden.
  • Water Goddess: Water Goddess is for magnolia lovers. It is a combination of magnolia, rose, and violet. But it is balanced with mosses and other spicy wood scents. This is a lovely summer fragrance.
  • Water Lily is an excellent bright floral fragrance, especially for Lilly of the Valley lovers. It is a combination of jasmine, rose, geranium, and Muguet des Bois, or Lilly of the Valley. This is a very joyful, sparkly springtime and summer blend.

Perfect Summer Night Fragrance:

  • Forbidden Desire is the perfect fragrance for warm, fun, exotic summer nights. It is a very exotic, complex perfume that is a combination of the soothing, calm, enlightening scent of Sudanese Frankincense plus the floral fragrances of jasmine and opium. It also has a vanilla base for a soothing powdery effect.

Perfect Sensual Summer Night Cuddling Fragrance:

  • Egyptian Goddess is perfect for those sensual moments under the summer moon. It’s the sort of fragrance that can only be detected up close. It is a very feminine, seductive musk with soft flowers and a powdery base. It smells like your own skin, only better. Egyptian Goddess is also Auric Blends’ best selling fragrance.