Best Cool Marijuana Sayings

If you are a smoker of marijuana, you are aware that there are some very cool marijuana sayings that exist. After all, people that smoke marijuana tends to be cooler than those that don’t. At last, in my opinion, I would much rather hang out with marijuana smokers than other lame people that don’t indulge the ganja from time to time. It is the best. Moreover, the medicinal properties made it even more popular as you can find the best cbd for anxiety, depression, weight-loss, etc. online with ease. 

Best Cool Marijuana Saying

Below is my top five list of marijuana sayings that I have heard over my lifetime. There are too many to name, but the best marijuana sayings are the ones that you remember.

1) Past the Dutchie to the Left-Hand Side – That is right. This like is a song about smoking marijuana that real weed smokers are able to appreciate. This song is one of the all-time best and seems to respond that all marijuana smoking circles move in a clockwise motion.

2) Legalize it and I will Advertise it – Peter Tosh, the famous reggae singer, was the one to coin this phrase in a song about the legalization of marijuana. He said that if marijuana is legalized that he would spread the word. No need for fancy advertising campaigns, he would get the word out. Although I have the feeling that marijuana doesn’t need any advertising, the demand is there.

3) Now That’s The Chronic! – This phrase or name chronic for marijuana was made popular in the 1990s by Dre Dre of the NWA fame. His west coast weed smokers are very creative and come up with all types of new names for mary jane all the time.

4) Mary Jane is my kind of girl – Another song from the 70s talks about the love affair many people have with marijuana and named her Mary Jane, I love her just the same.

5) Getting Stuck – This is the phenomenon of marijuana smokers when someone has smoked too much weed or too much good weed and are experiencing the sensation of being “stuck”, meaning that they cannot move. For everyone else that is a witness when this happens to one person it is hilarious because we all have been there and know that the person is just very, very high and it appears to them that they cannot move. This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen when it happened to my wife, who is not a regular marijuana smoker. Getting stuck is the best.

Michael Phelps Smokes Marijuana – Hahhahahha, I bet you didn’t think you would ever hear that one, did you? How cool is it that the 8-time Olympic champion is a marijuana smoker? That just lets you know that you can smoke weed and do anything you put your mind to.