Best Rustic Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

Rustic cabin paint colors are some of my favorite paint colors in the world. Whether you live in a new condo in the city or a cabin in the woods you can use these great rustic cabin paint colors to bring the outside in, add some warmth in any room, and simply finish out the look of your rustic and warm home!

Many of these rustic cabin paint colors are rich and deep, so be prepared to prime you walls first with a tinted primer. The tinted primer will keep you from having to paint as many coats of the rich colored paints. 

Still, you should expect to paint on at least two coats to get the rich look you want form thes rustic cabin paint colors.

Rustic Cabin Paint Colors #1: Hunter Green

Gecco Green from Sherwin Williams is one of my favorite rustic green paint colors. This rustic green paint color is a mix of Hunter green, army green, and natural greens found in the forest.

If you are painting an accent wall in a rustic cabin bedroom or dining room this simple and natural green color would be perfect. A lot of choosing a rustic cabin paint color is bringing the outside in. Look for green paint colors that have a hint of natural green in them.

You can also look for earth tone greens that have a hint of brown. Many rustic green paint colors are rich and deep, so be prepared to paint a few coats.

Rustic Cabin Paint Colors #2: Deep Rich Brown

Rich warm brown tree colors are a wonderful idea for painting a rustic cabin wall color. Brevity Brown and Canyon Clay from Sherwin Williams are two examples fo great rustic brown paint colors that really remind me of browns found I nature.

Brevity Brown reminds me of rich brown tree trunks. This is an ideal rustic cabin paint color for a family room, den, or even a movie room. Wood furniture in almost any stain will stand out beautiful on this war color.

For a more red clay look try the Canyon Clay color. This rustic brown paint color remind same of the red earth and soil found in the south. This rustic brown paint color is so warm an inviting and surprisingly light for a rustic brown paint color.

Rustic Cabin Paint Colors #3: Pine Yellow

I always think pine wood when I envision a rustic cabin in the woods. Warm yellow wood is such a natural l=element to find in any cabin. Brittlebush is one of my favorite warm yellow paint colors that really reminds me of pine wood that has been freshly cut.

Brittlebush is a great yellow color for any rustic cabin look, but it is rather bold. You may find using Brittlebush as an accent wall in a rustic cabinet bathroom or even an entry way will work best.

Be sure to use other earth tones on other walls you can see when you look at the wall painter with Brittlebush. You can also use Brittlebush as a rustic cabin paint color accent on wood trim, furniture, and wood boxes.