Candy Alternatives and Healthy Treats for Halloween

Even though Halloween is a time to indulge in sugary treats you can help keep your neighborhood on track by offering some sugary substitutes. The children on the neighborhood may not like this too much, but if you do it right they may see your house as a fun, hip house to visit each Halloween. 

You can avoid candy altogether by offering fun toys. Think about giving out items you would give in a grab bag. It may cost a little more but the payoff in the long run is better. Anything glow in the dark is fun for children. Glow sticks, glow necklaces, or fun flashlight toys are great ideas to give away. If the items seem interesting and fun, the children will forget all about the lack of sugar at your door. You can get a lot for your money by shopping at the dollar store for items like this. Playing cards, travel sized games, toy cars, or make up sets are all good ideas. Stay away from pencils, stickers, and cheap party favors. These remind kids of items they would get from school or teachers. This is their night and they want stuff they don’t normally get.

Your house will be a great stop this Halloween if you make your home inviting to the trick or treaters. Play spooky music and decorate your yard. Even dress up to answer the door. This will make the kids feel like they are wanted and will be more accepting of the non candy treats.

If you do want to give out food items this year you can stick to individually packaged healthy items. This can consist of the following items: 100 calorie packs, Nuts, raisins, chips, granola bars, pretzels, cheese and crackers, microwaveable popcorn, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, and dark chocolate (which has more anti oxidants than other chocolates).

A healthy Halloween seems like an oxymoron, and can be a big challenge. If you do it right the kids wont even miss the candy. If you are excited about the items you can giving out at your door this excitement will get passed on to the kids. It’s time to think like a child. If need be have different items for different age groups. Older kids might like goop in a can that makes fart noises (yes they make it), or whoopee cushions, while a young child who doesn’t know the value of money can get excited over a dollar bill. Its amazing what children will find fun and exciting, so channel your inner child and try not to be the “lame house” that gives out bad treats. Afterall… kids turn into teens, and you don’t want them to return the favor with eggs and shaving cream.