Cap Sha: Playing The Great Bridge Game, Part 1

Cap Sha is a name of bridge card game. Cap Sha is Chinese language for thirteen in English. This game is very popular and usually played by adults and teenagers for fun and sometimes for gambling. But, since it is very popular, people made their own rules and applied them to the game. So there are so many versions of playing Cap Sha. But from all of those versions, the basic is just the same. 

  • This game is a four-player game. To play it, we, of course need a deck of bridge card. First we need to remove the joker first since it won’t be used in this game. Then all the cards will be distributed and divided equally to each player. So each player will have thirteen cards on their hand.
  • In this game, we have to know some combinations of the cards. These combinations are similar as when we play poker. These combinations are organized from the lowest value to the highest one.
  1. Single: This is a one-card combination.
  2. Pair: This is a two-card combination. We need to have the same digit in those two cards to form a “pair” combination.
  3. Tris: This one is a three-card combination. We need to have the same digits in those three cards to form a “Tris” combination.
  4. Straight: This is a five-card combination. The cards have to be put in order (consecutively). The symbols don’t have to be the same. However if they are the same, another combination will be formed.
  5. Flush: This is also a five-card combination. To form it, we need five cards with the same symbol.
  6. Full House: This combination is the combination of a pair and a tris. So it will consist of five cards.
  7. Straight Flush: This one is similar Straight. But the symbols must be the same.
  8. Four-of-a-kind: This is a four-card combination. The cards must have the same number. In cap sha this combination will be formed into five-card combination. So we need to add one more card into it. You can put any card you like.
  9. Royal Straight Flush: This is the development of Straight Flush. However this combination can only be formed with 10,J,Q,K,A of spade.
  10. Cap-Sha: This combination is the biggest among those all. However this one is also the rarest and the mot difficult combination to be formed. This combination has to have all digits of a bridge card (from Ace to King).
  • Types of Cap Sha
  • The Forming Cap Sha Game

In this type of Cap Sha game, the players will have to form their cards into three levels. The first level consists of five cards. The second level also consists of five cards. But the top level only consists of three cards. Player can put the combinations they’d like to form in each level. However there is a rule. The lower level may not have better combination than the higher level. If the player has a card combination that only use less than five or three cards, they have to fill it with any cards they like. But if they can’t form any combination in a level, they can put any cards they want. And this combination is called High Card. In this game player may have a combination called two pairs. They can have two pairs in one level. In this game, the highest value is Ace.

  • The Throwing Cap Sha Game

In this type of Cap Sha game, the players may have any combination in their hands, then they have to let each combination goes out every turn they get. But when they don’t have that type of combination, they can pass. So he/she will lose his turn until the end of that combination. The first move will be three of diamond. Then it continues to the player beside him/her whether it is left or right. That player will have to put a card higher than the cards previously thrown out. This type of Cap Sha has many different rules with it. The rules can vary according to the players. One common rule in this game is “Two is the highest value among the other. It is even higher than Ace.”

*More rules of it will be described in the second article.

  • Winners
  • The winner of The Forming Cap Sha Game is the one that has the highest value of combination among the other. They may only win in two levels and they are still called winners because the other player only wins in one level.
  • The winner of The Throwing Cap Sha Game is the one that finish the cards in their hands fastest. They will have to put some tactics if they want to win. However in this game there so many special rules. One of them is if you throw 2s out and the other player has four-of-a-kind, the one that throws two is the loser and the one who throws four of a kind is the winner. This special rule is rarely used by people because only some of them know this rule.