Cheating Consequences in the Game Pokémon Go

Although since the debut of the game Pokémon Go, there’ve been numerous reports of users becoming prohibited from GPS faking, which involves changing one’s geo-location to capture Pokémon in different towns or take control of faraway buildings without anyone ever leaving their couches. 

Although the majority of users who use GPS cheating and customized iterations are all from remote areas in which the terrain is less conducive to emerging instructors, Niantic Labs have begun imposing temporary suspensions to those who choose to exploit.


  • As per users who’ve been banned for utilizing GPS faking techniques, they also weren’t immediately allowed to pick up Pokémon, gather things at PokéStops, compete, or acquire a gymnasium when they were detected. 
  • Whenever gamers attempted to toss a PokéBall once at Pokémon inside the game-play, they realized that the enemy Pokémon might simply turn and run.
  • The majority of gamers have taken advantage of the scamming feature to travel towards more crowded regions, just like New York City, since there are much more Creatures to catch.
  • Caused by unexpected discomfort caused by the restriction, some gamers on the tournament’s forum page believe it is insufficient to prevent people from employing hacking techniques.


Because one team put it, it is just a temporary suspension, and the refusal to build the game simply just lasts a few periods. It’s an intriguing find, given that when gamers attempted to be using GPS impersonating equipment, mostly during the tournament’s testing phase, they have been visited with harsher restrictions from Niantic, which appear to have toned down the severity of the atrocities carried out to cheaters. If you want to catch on everything related to the game, you could check out this website- It is said that if a player does more cheating, the punishment also increases.