Coach Handbags Are Worth Every Dime

Coach handbags are definitely worth the money! This isn’t a style preference, it’s just one of the best and longest lasting handbags you can buy. There’s nothing like the smell of a new leather bag. Some people would call it the smell of money! I call it the smell of quality. Let me tell you why.

Handbags go through a lot during the course of the day. They are dropped, sat on, carried, spilled on and more. The handle of a handbag will take quite a beating over the course of a few years. That’s correct, I said a few years. Go up to Target or Walmart and buy yourself a $20 dollar bag and see how long it lasts if you use it almost daily. If you’re lucky you’ll get a good two months or perhaps a season out of it. Not so with a Coach handbag. I have two bags, one brown one black, and a briefcase, that I got as gifts almost 15 years ago. They were used daily for about 5-10 years before retiring them for another day and time. Aside from needing some leather conditioner, that you can get from Coach or elsewhere, they held up very well. The briefcase is without a doubt one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. One of the great things about a Coach handbag that not everyone knows is the warranty that comes with every piece they manufacture. Clasp on the bag not holding the bag closed after a couple of years, or the a seam split? Simple notify Coach and you will get a replacement bag. Personally, in all this time I’ve never had a seam split but I’m assuming it can happen. If you don’t believe me, check out their official website for the replacement policy, the warranty is good for the life of the handbag or anything else you purchase from Coach. Along with the purchase of the handbags, a warranty card will be beneficial for the person. If there is any defect, then the shopkeepers can be told to see this card for more details and offer the claim to the customer. It will attract new customers and increase the sale at the site. 

The other things that make Coach handbags worth every dime are the classic lines to most of the bags and the array of styles they come in. No matter when you purchased your Coach handbag, it always looks classy and in style. By the way, as designer bags go, Coach is far from the most expensive you can buy.

If the price really bothers you, try looking for bargains by searching for a Coach Outlet Store that isn’t to far. It’s worth the road trip. There are Internet shopping sites that feature Coach handbags at a discounted rate, but I would prefer to go to an outlet to be certain I was getting a real, quality Coach handbag, imitations just won’t be the same.