Create Bird Houses and Bird Feeders with Dumpster Dive FInds

Save the environment and help the birds too. It is easy to find items to craft unique birdhouses and bird feeders in dumpsters and around town on the morning of garbage collection. The freegan movement is quite popular now. Dumpster diving does not appeal only to the urban; during daily errands in the suburbs one often spots valuable items out by the trash cans. So collect some unwanted trash items and take a little time to create a home or a feeder for birds. The birds will be grateful and you will have done a good deed by keeping items out of the garbage dumps. America throws away too much stuff that could be used to help the creatures of the wild. Find some time to make a craft project to help the birds. According to Lakeland dumpster rental, everyday, there are tons and tons of waste being disposed whereas most of the items that can be found on it are still usable. We should start saving our mother earth. We must be creative and find ways to minimize our waste.

It is very easy to create a platform feeder with old scrap wood. Just take any piece of found wood and attach it to an old broom stick or other piece of lumber found in the garbage. And there you have it, a free bird feeder. Just place the pole in the ground and put some seeds up on the platform and the birds will soon be feasting. If you wish a more elaborate feeder wait until you have larger pieces of wood and build a large platform feeder with the base a larger sheet of wood and the sides made of some smaller planks. Nail them together and add a pole and you have a lovely feeder that will delight the birds. Make the fanciest of “dumpster dive” feeders by creating several different platform boxes for the food and nailing 4 of them together. This ritzy feeder could have individual sections for seed, orange sections, a bowl of water, and peanut butter and seed balls.

Use your creativity to create an infinity of types of bird houses with found wood. You may also use other items from the dumpster dive outing to add embellishments to the bird houses. Doorknobs are cute on the front of a birdhouse, as are the prongs you screw into a wall to hang coats on. Find some time to gather scrap wood and then make a bird house. Watching the birds who build their home there will enchant you.

You really don’t even need to do much building to create a bird feeder or bird house. If you find out when “Big Trash” day is in town you can drive around and find many bedroom dressers out at the curb for trash pickup. Collect some of the smaller drawers and you have an instant box to use as a platform feeder or as the start to a bird house. Old wood jewelry boxes are great for creating bird feeders too.

I first started using scrap wood to create art projects. I would paint or varnish the wood and then add photos or word collages. There are so many projects you can create with scrap wood; if you see some about to be sent to the dump stop and pick it up.

Once you see the beauty and practicality of using “found” wood from garbage browsing you will realize you have an endless, lifetime supply of free materials for crafting all sorts of items. You can even make a profit off this hobby if you take the bird feeders or bird houses to the flea market and sell them.