Cricket- It’s Health Benefits And Various Forms

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. It originated from England but due to its majestic quality, it is played throughout the world in almost all countries. Data shows it is played in nearly 120 countries today. Cricket is played on a 350 ft. Long oval-shaped grass field with a specially prepared 66 ft. The long-playing area is known as a cricket pitch.

Two teams are played in the game with each team containing 11 members. To play cricket you need a bat, ball, and three women poles called stumps or wickets. Depending on the format if the game, it can last for 3 hours, 1 day, and 5 days. It is one of the famous sport played by amateurs to professionals. Any one can view cricket either in televisions for ODIs, test crickets, IPLs and CPL live stream on Hotstar.

Health benefits of playing cricket

Cricket makes an excellent cardio activity. The constant running in the field also increased your stamina and endurance. Co-ordination between hand and eye improves from taking a catch to hooking a bouncer. Due to constant running between the wickets, you can also develop a lot of speed and agility. 

Different forms of cricket

There are basically three forms of cricket those are T20 which includes IPL and CPL live stream, test match and ODIs(One Day International). In T20, test match and ODIs the duration of match is 3 hours, 5 days and 1 day respectively. In test cricket, innings per team is 2 but in ODI and T20, the innings per team is 1. There are unlimited overs per innings in test cricket but ODI has 50 overs per inning and T20 has 20 overs per inning. These are three different formats of cricket that is played all over the world.


Cricket is popular among all age groups due to its strategies and tricks. It is played by people of all age group. Many people play cricket to boost their health condition. It has many health benefits and can develop your physical ability, mental ability and social ability as well.