Different Types Of Funeral Flowers And Wreaths For Funerals

There are a variety of funeral flower arrangements and wreaths that you can send to a funeral that it can be hard to choose which one is the best. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of funeral flower arrangements that you can buy. Meanwhile, if you are looking to buy flower arrangements or wreaths, we recommend you to check out Wreaths Singapore at https://wreaths.sg/flower-wreaths-singapore/. Wreaths Singapore features a variety of flower arrangement types that are suitable for funerals, from huge floral wreaths for funerals to smaller condolence flowers. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Standing Spray

Standing sprays are available in small to large sizes. These types of funeral wreaths are mounted or attached to a stand and are normally placed near the casket. Since standing sprays are usually big and are really noticeable, their purchase should be coordinated with the funeral home handling the funeral to ensure that there are no conflicts in motifs.

  1. Casket wreath

This type of flower arrangement is suited to be placed on top of a casket after it was closed. Casket wreaths are usually purchased by the person closest to the deceased or their spouse. As such, it might not be appropriate to purchase especially since multiple casket wreaths will overlap. Casket wreaths are large, but usually don’t exist the dimensions of the casket.

  1. Small baskets or bouquets

This type of flower arrangement is suited for acquaintances, co-workers, or for casual friends. They are also suited if you are a distant family member or relative, or if your relationship to the deceased is not that close.  This type of funeral flower should be directly sent to the family members of the deceased since they can be added to the funeral without any fuss since they are not that large or eye catchy.