Earn Money on Your Website Through Text Link Ads

More and more advertising options are available nowadays for internet content publishers. If you have a website or a blog that has rich content and a ton of readers, you might want to consider earning money from text link advertising. How does text link advertising work? Basically, as a webmaster or a site owner, you allow advertisers to place their links in your site. The advertisers get visibility, while you, the publisher get revenue.

Several text link advertisement programs are already offered as services in the internet. Technically, they handle the sale of links from the advertisers to the publisher. They cater to both advertisers and publisher, by bridging the gap between them. Advertisers do not need to go through different site owners, while publisher do not need to approach advertisers directly. As a publisher, you just need to register in their program, and incorporate their code into your website.

Here’s a little summary of companies offering text link advertising programs. Note that you don’t have to pay anything to register as a publisher. For the fulfillment of the advertising program, the reviews can be checked through a click here at the site. The registration of the publisher will be important for the programs. 

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads has a pricing algorithm based the amount of traffic your site gets, the theme of the site, and the link popularity. They offer a 50% revenue of each ads sold. Payments are made on a monthly basis either through Paypal or check. They have a minimum payout of $25 for check. They also have an affiliate program that offers $25 if you refer another publisher who registers within 7 days.


LinkWorth does not only offer text link ads but a lot of different ad options. You can earn up to 70% of the monthly ad revenue they get from advertisers. They have a control center where you can manage all ads you are publishing. Each ad request needs to be approved by the publisher, meaning you can decline an ad that you do not want in your site.


The rates they are paying are based on the Page Rank of your website and is ranging from $.50 to $75 per link. The good thing is that for each paid link they sell to an advertiser, you get 100% of the revenue. However, they will display one unpaid link on your site. This is how they get their commission. Payments are offered through Paypal on a monthly basis.

There are still a lot of text link publisher programs being offered on the web. Make sure you choose a program that meets your needs. Take note, however, that not everyone can be approved by these companies to be publisher partners. In most cases, you need to get a higher page rank and more traffic for your site in order to be eligible to join.