Ejuice Flavoring: A World Without Boundaries

E-juice is an essential component of electronic cigarettes. E-juice is what allows the e-cigarette to produce smoke/vapor. E-juice is easily customizable and can be created based solely on the e-cigarette user’s preferences with the help of odens snus. First, one can choose the ratio of the Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and the Propylene Glycol (PG) in the e-juice. Normally, the higher the PG level in an e-juice, the stronger the throat hit while the higher the VG level in an e-juice, the greater the vapor produced. One can also customize an e-juice based upon the level of nicotine found within the e-juice. A particular e-juice can range from high nicotine, medium nicotine, or low nicotine content or even zero nicotine content if the user desires. Finally and most importantly, the flavor of the e-juice can be chosen according to the preference of the e-cigarette user.

 The flavor of the e-juice is what gives the e-juice a unique smell and taste. For many users of the e-juice, the flavor is often the most important factor in determining which e-juice to buy. The nicotine level is also very important to the e-cigarette user. Here at Eco-Electronic Cigarettes, we encourage buyers to try a variety of e-juice from our wide selection of e-juice until they settle upon one they really like. No purchase is necessary until the customer is satisfied with the flavor that they’ve chosen, ensuring maximum satisfaction every time. Below, we are going to break down our most popular e-juice flavors and what you can expect from them in terms of taste and smell.

 Du Mare Eh:

This is our most popular e-juice flavor and most users like it because it mimics one of the most popular Canadian brands of cigarettes, without the negative health side effects. So this e-juice satisfies that longing for a regular cigarette. We often sell out of this e-juice quickly and have to keep stock high to match the demand for it.

 Belle Monte:

For the same reason as the above e-juice, this e-juice is also really popular among smokers’ familiarity. It brings back a sense of nostalgia and allows electronic cigarette users not to miss much in terms of flavor and taste when using this e-juice. Another popular juice with cigarette flavoring is Play Hers.

 Smurf Tears:

This e-juice has a unique name that no one seems to know what it means, except us. Smurf tears are the e-juice collected from the Smurf when he cries. It has a cool watermelon taste and smells fruity. Overall, it is a really pleasant and exciting juice for the senses. It’s no wonder why Gargamel was so keen on eating Smurfs.

 Banana Cadabra Cotton Candy:

The flavor of this e-juice is obvious in the title. This popular e-juice tastes like banana-flavored cotton candy. It may bring back a lovely summer day at the carnival.

 New York Chocolate Cheesecake:

Sometimes one wants that taste of New York, that big city flavor in their e-juice. Look no further than New York Chocolate Cheesecake. This e-juice is chocolaty with a hint of cheesecake flavoring, New York style.

E-juice can also come with a double or triple shot in flavoring; depending on how strong one wants their e-juice flavoring to be. Come on in today and try our various e-juice flavors, free of charge and find the e-juice flavor that is just right for you!