Enhance Your Breasts Without Surgery

Large breasts seem to be everywhere. They are stuffed into low-cut shirts on our favorite television shows, plastered across magazine covers in the grocery aisle, and blown up even larger on the silver screen. Although the media bombards us with images of large breasts, many real women have much less cleavage to flaunt. While small-breasted women have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, some yearn for change. They may not need an enlargement of two whole cup sizes. In fact, they may just want a bit more fullness in the chest. For some, jumping to breast augmentation surgery is the answer. Surgery, however, is not only difficult to recover from but is also fairly risky. Before you decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery, there are some natural solutions you should try first.


The message is a technique that can be used to not only enhance breast size but also improve overall breast health. This includes increasing breast size, fullness, and the appearance of skin. Some women prefer to apply breast massage to themself, while others would rather pay a trained professional. Unfortunately, many professionals refuse to perform massage on such a private part of the body for personal and lawsuit reasons. This is why many women must learn the technique themselves. Before women begin breast massage, it is important to do research and talk to experienced professionals. If done incorrectly, it can cause permanent damage. Breast massage requires firm, but gentle pressure and plenty of lubricants.


The hormone that begins breast growth in young girls is called estrogen. The hormone that causes breasts to swell during the menstrual cycle is called progesterone. Since both hormones create breast growth, women who want larger breasts can take these two hormones as a supplement. Taking it down a notch, some women take birth control pills which are estrogen-based to enhance breast size. Although this method does work, supplements give more permanent results than birth control pills. On the other hand, there are supplements that men can use in order to get rid of growth of man breasts. If you want to know how to get rid of gyno? Then this link here will guide you throughout the process which is completely safe and affordable. 


Another way to increase breast size naturally is with the use of herbs. Herbs such as wild yam, fennel seed, kelp, fenugreek, and Dong Quai have been known to increase breast size for centuries. They contain something called phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogen compounds bind to the mammary gland receptors and stimulate new growth. Middle Eastern women used these herbs to enhance chest size in their harems hundreds of years ago.

The shape of a woman is beautiful. No two women have the same frame. Some women have ample breasts while others have smaller breasts. While every woman should love her body, as are some women just want a bit more without the risks of surgery. Surgery does not always have to be the answer. As a matter of fact, some women end up regretting breast augmentation surgery after they have undergone the procedure. Instead of taking such drastic measures, there are several natural approaches to breast augmentation. It is best to begin with the natural breast enlargement methods before moving on to more severe measures.