Excavate, Construct, And Dispose Of Garbage With Our Mini Rental Excavators

Mini excavators are available for rental in and around Tallinn which can be used for digging or landscaping purposes in tightly packed areas with utmost precision. Moreover, our modern excavators do work on zero tail swing mechanisms.

You can book for a driver service for excavation purposes as well in which we provide the vehicle and its driver per-hourly charges. Check our kaevetööd hinnakiri for more details and note that driver plus vehicle service includes the fuel price covered in it.

Multiple Construction Vehicles Available In Our Inventory

It’s not a problem if you are working on a large construction project as we have plenty of construction vehicles, including 

  • mini and large excavators, 
  • tipper trucks for collecting or delivering soil, gravel, sand, etc.
  • Garbage trucks as well. 

We also provide soil, crushed rocks, or sand at construction sites at a much cheaper rate in Tallinn. For which you can also visit our website to order. Our trained staff will be at disposal as soon as you book our service and transport our vehicles to the construction site in time.

Efficiently Perform With Our Special Attachment Ready Vehicles

Our excavators come with attachment options like different sized buckets, small and large digging hands, excavator with a front loader, etc. This way, you can use the vehicle according to the purpose of work and enhance the efficiency through a single-vehicle itself.

You can also book for different trucks if the workload is more; our specially trained drivers will be completing the work for you in lesser time than any unskilled person. We keep our vehicles well maintained, which offers better fuel efficiency and nonstop fault-proof running of the construction vehicle. You can leave a message on the website for booking, and our executive will get in your touch.