Expert Pavement Installers For Large And Small Areas

If you are looking for a pavement installer team for a large park or parking lot any regular house lawn walkway, we will serve the purpose. kõnniteekivide paigaldus needs specific tools and machines that we have in our inventory. These machines ensure pavements’ longevity and eliminate any chances of repair or replacement shortly. Our pavement service rates are very reasonable, and our team can pave all types of stones in a walkway.

What Does The Pavement Process Have Before Actually Installing The Stones?

You cannot simply decide an area where you want a pavement and start placing pavement stones joined with cement-based liquid mortar. This process needs proper planning, and most often, for larger sizes or professionally built pavement, you would require help from specialists like us. One can say that there are typically five to six procedural steps that you need to perform before you even start placing paves.

  • Design planning and selecting stones for pavement and estimation of material required
  • Excavating the land and removing soil, grass, etc. making a place for paving
  • Laying a bed of base material made of gravel and mortar mostly
  • Sand bedding after the base layer that will temporarily hold paves in place
  • Leveling the sand and sloping it for finally placing the pave stones on it

There’s More To The Pavement Than Placing Stones In Place

On placing the pavement stones in an organized manner and once the desired pattern is achieved, the cracks between every two consecutive blocks of stone are filled with liquid cement of other fillings to hold them tight. Also, the edging is done so that the stones do not fall apart on heavy loads. Edging is done with metal or plastic edge restraints that prevent the blocks from coming off in heavy rains.