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Are you familiar with HTML? Do you know that it is the major language that is used to create websites on the internet? It stands for HyperText Markup Language and it’s basically code that gives you the ability to put together a great webpage. There are some people who learn this in high school, there are some who were taught it but didn’t learn it, there are those who want to learn it and did their own searching for the best website builder 2020 reviews, and then there are those who just don’t really care about it. If you’re any of those except the last one then this article will interest you.

In my recent journey to learning HTML to create my first website I went out to bookstores and bought books. Yes, I bought books and I am embarrassed to say that I spent about one hundred and fifty dollars on them. Isn’t that horrible? Well after going through those books I felt a bit confused still and I didn’t really learn much from them. So I went online to find online resources that might help me understand the computer language better and I came across one of the best things ever. I will forever remember that day.

That wonderful web page that I came across is one that belongs to a wonderful man with the ability to teach anything computer related with such ease to anybody. The best part was that this website didn’t require any payment for anything that it offered and it was easy to understand; it also contained no pop-ups. Let me tell you what it offered that did me completely in and that lead me to write this article. It offered an interactive HTML tutorial! Yes, it’s true, I was finally going to get it; or at least I was going to try to get it. I did, it was almost about four in the morning and it took me about thirty minutes to go through it all. I must say that I felt wonderful afterwards. I’d learned it! HTML wasn’t as hard as the books had made it out to be, it wasn’t as complex as a lot of people told me it was, and it was definitely not worth paying a whole bunch of money to learn how to do it, but I soon found out after making my first couple of websites that for some people it was sure worth paying a lot of money to get something created by it.

You can now learn it too and maybe someday you can make some money creating pages and selling them as well. That’s why I’m writing this article to tell you about this wonderful website called DAVESITE. It provides not only this HTML tutorial, but it also provides a CSS and a Web Design tutorial. If you are at all interested in learning any of the things I’ve mentioned in this site and you’re ready to do it now, online, and for free then visit DAVESITE now!