Green Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding season is approaching faster than you might think. And this means that you need to start thinking about what you want to give to others for their weddings. If you are interested in the environment, and in being socially responsible, consider giving a green wedding gift. There are plenty of ways for you to give a great wedding gift and be environmentally and socially responsible.

Here are some great green wedding gift ideas:

Look for recycled materials.

There are plenty of great gifts made from recycled materials. Recycled glass is being used by many environmentally friendly artists to create lamps, vases and other art pieces. A tasteful green wedding gift could be something made from a recycled material.

Consider stocking the newlyweds’ home with organic food.

Many newlyweds appreciate a gift of food. It’s quite useful, and it can introduce them to new things. Stocking the pantry with organic foods can be a great way to help them get started in a new phase of life. Visit a local farmer’s market and see if you can buy packages that include delivery of a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as dairy products and even meat. Accompany the gift basket with some local, organically grown flowers to add something for the home.

Sustainable household supplies.

Buy household products that are produced in sustainable ways. Energy efficient light bulbs, towels made from organic cotten, green nontoxic cleaning supplies and other items can be purchased from companies with sustainable practices.

Gift cards.

Instead of getting caught up in giving a thing, consider what the couple likes to do together. Do they enjoy the outdoors? Buy an annual pass to the national parks. Consider giving concert tickets, museum passes and restaurant gift cards. These are thoughtful gifts that the couple can enjoy together.

Gardening items.

If the newlyweds are building a new home, you can purchase trees for them, or give them a certificate to the local nursery. Also, if they enjoy gardening, you can set them up with the organic gardening supplies necessary to get going.

Fair trade items.

Many towns have shops that sell Fair Trade items. These are great places to go to find wedding gift ideas of all sorts — and they are usually made from sustainable practices. You can check keuze helper for teens who will also attend the wedding. This will make them happy and at the same time, can add creativity and fancy ambience to the wedding itself. You can get an idea about the best gifts for teens from online sources.*Investments and donations. If the couple enjoys doing good deeds, make a donation in the couple’s honor to an environmental organization. Another thing you can do is set up a mircroloan account for them. It is an investment that does good, and still allows the couple to earn money.

There are several green wedding gift ideas that are thoughtful while at the same time promoting environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.