How It Feels  To Get Your Lips Tattooed 

Lip tattooing, also known as lip blushing, is a popular cosmetic procedure done to enhance the color and appearance of the lips. Most people go for lip tattooing as it can color their lips permanently by adding a pigment to the lips with the help of ink. Small needles are inserted into the lips during the process to fill the color of the patient’s choice. Lips brushing of lip tattoo focus more on changing the color and the shape of the lips so that they can look younger and prettier. If one wants to change the color of their lips permanently, they can go for a lip tattoo. Lip tattoo procedure is safe and satisfactory.  

Lip tattoo procedure 

The Lip tattoo procedure with Tktx is simple and uncomplicated. The procedure may include the following- 

  • The lip tattoo specialist or doctor will numb the lips by injections or by tattoo numbing cream. This is done so that the procedure is less painful.  
  • The expert will also take note of the desired colors and lip shape. They will make sketches and ask for the approval of the patients.  
  • After all the details are finalized, they will start to insert a natural tone of color using small needles. 
  • The entire procedure can take around one to three hours. 
  • After the treatment, the doctor will seal the lips for some time for precaution. 

A lip tattoo can make your lips look naturally pretty with an enhanced appearance. However, one will have to take precautions after getting the treatment. It is best to avoid things that can aggregate the pain and irritation. The area around the lips can look swollen and red for a couple of days after the procedure, which is completely normal. At this time, one must avoid things such as naproxen or aspirin. They must also avoid taking supplements such as fish oil, garlic, vitamin E as they can lead to bruising and bleeding. If the symptoms continue and do not subside, consult the doctor immediately to seek help and ask for further advice and treatment.