How to Create and Decorate Your Own Welcome Floor Mat for Your Home

Do you need a welcome floor mat for the entranceway of your cozy home? Do you enjoy stenciling, painting, and being creative? If you do, you should seriously think about creating your own welcome doormat using basic materials, and if you’re not sure how to create your own basic welcome doormat for your entranceway to your home, I will tell you how. In order to learn all the tips and tricks for that, you have that will guide you throughout the process of creating and decorating your own welcome floor mats. 

Now the materials you will need to create a decorative welcome floor mat for your entranceway to your home are a fiber blank mat of any color, shape, and size, alphabet stencils, stencil paint brushes, any stencil design you want, fabric waterproof paint, masking tape, sharpie marker, and scissors. You can purchase all these materials at any local craft store for fewer than forty dollars, and if you want to save some money you can print free stencils online at

Then once you have all your material you will take your fiber mat and place it in a workspace where you feel comfortable working at along with all your mat making materials. You will then take your fiber mat, masking tape, your alphabet stencils, and your sharpie marker and begin by taping your alphabet stencils on the edges to the mat and tracing your alphabet stencils with your sharpie marker onto the center of your floor mat and spelling out the word welcome. Once you have the word welcome traced out onto the center of your floor mat you can then take other stencil designs you have and want on your mat and tape them down and trace them out with your sharpie marker anywhere you want on the mat. After you have all the stenciling done, the design on your floor mat that you want, and the word welcome spelled out and stenciled on, you can pull up the taped stencils and allow the sharpie marker to set into the mat for a few minutes before beginning to paint.

Now once the sharpie mark has dried a bit into your floor mat, you can then take your stencil paintbrush and the fabric paint you chose out and begin painting the stencil designs in and the word welcome in with any kind of fabric paint colors you like. However, you want to make sure you only use a little paint on your brush at a time while your painting in your stenciled design onto your floor mat because if you use to much paint the fabric paint will bleed out of your stencil design and wreck all your hard work. Then once you have painted your stencil designs onto your mat, you will need to allow your welcome floor mat to dry overnight for at least twelve hours before placing the doormat by the entranceway of your home to be used and seen by all your guest that comes to your home.

That’s all there is to creating your own welcome floor mat for the entranceway of your home. Pretty simple wasn’t it. I hope all of you who try making your own welcome doormat will have a fun and exciting time doing it and be very happy with the end product. If you still need more advice on how to make a welcome floor mat for your home please check out the website attached to my article because it will give you some more good helpful pointers.