How To Strengthen The Brew Of The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker

If you love iced tea and prefer it to the hot version, the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker can be an enormous time saver. Just add the ice, the bags, and the water, and this machine takes all the work out of brewing and then icing a pot of tea. However, some may find that the strength of the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker’s brew is not as potent as iced tea made by hand. Here are some tips to overcome this problem and strengthen your brew.

How to Strengthen the Brew of Iced Tea Makers: Filters

Mr. Coffee recommends using a coffee filters in the brewing basket of the iced tea maker for all loose teas. I find that when I carry this advice over to the bags, the water takes longer to filter through the machine, and thus causing the brew to strengthen. I have doubled up on filters and found the effects to be even more enhanced. Some connoisseurs may eschew this advice for fear of compromising the integrity of the brew with bleached filters, but for me, filters definitely work. They are inexpensive, costing eighty six cents a pack at Target.

How to Strengthen the Brew of Iced Tea Makers: Less Ice

If you feel that the water passes too quickly through the brewing basket into the pitcher, then try initially adding less ice. This way, you can stick the pitcher in the refrigerator after brewing to cool it down without diluted the batch with superfluous ice. This only works if you are not in a hurry and can afford to wait half an hour for the iced tea to lose its heat.

How to Strengthen the Brew of Iced Tea Makers: Align the Bags

Make sure the bags are placed in a manner that allows the water from the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker to trickle among them when it is released into the brewing basket. If you simply toss the bags in the basket without paying attention to which side they land, then they could potentially be missed by the hot water’s path. You should be safe stacking the bags close to the bottom of the brewing basket. Using a single cup coffee maker no pods, you can also strengthen the brew. Some coffee makers offer you some modern features.

How to Strengthen the Brew of Iced Tea Makers: Stronger Tea

If you are a person who drinks green teas, consider switching to the black variety when using the Mr. Coffee machine. Your brew will contain more caffeine than green, white, red, or herbal. Increasing the number of bags may not strengthen the brew as much because of the limited amount of water that passes through the brew basket on the way to the pitcher. Use these tips, and your brew is sure to strengthen significantly.