HP 2133 – FT 268 UA

The HP 2133 is often denoted to as ‘small but mighty’ mainly because it provides multi-user options substituting a full service laptop; weighing just 2.8 pounds in a much smaller size. Because of multifunction offerings, it is considered ideal for business and personal use alike. Its smaller size and lighter weight enable the users to carry it almost anywhere without much of a fuss and effort, making it an ideal mobile companion to have for the people especially who are constantly on the move.

The 2133 has an 8.9′ display screen with WXGA resolution platform along with a fully functional and user friendly keyboard despite its smaller size. At the core of the 2133 is the VIA C7 – M ULV processor, which provides enhanced speed and uses ultimate power management system to ensure effective use. Power consumption without compromising on the output quality; in the 2133 has been reduced by an unimaginable 50% compared to its peers. With the use of low energy consumption technology, the 2133 has set pretty high benchmarks for its adversaries to meet in relation with the use of similar technology platforms for their future product lines.

The mini has a 120 GB hard drive coupled with a 2 GB memory RAM. It facilitates high speed data transfers and provides a very unique feature to the users. The feature known as “drive guard’; which shuts down the hard drive in case of a sudden shock or movement of the note book; thus enabling enhanced security and safety of the data stored. The note book does not have an inbuilt optical drive because of its size, but is compatible with most of the external optical drives, which can be connected the USB ports.

It has a 101/ 102 keys spill resistant keyboard which is 92% of the full size keyboard. It offers a facility of ‘Dura Keys; which enables the keyboard keys to have an additional coating on them thus protecting the keys and their finish increasing working life. The touch pad has a scroll zone and a couple of soft touch keys.

The 2133 offers a 1280 x 768 display screen which provides high resolution image clarity. It can also be connected to a projector or an external monitor through the VGA output present. It also has an inbuilt high definition audio card along with inbuilt stereo speakers presenting top of line sound quality and clarity. Macbook air technician in London would certainly agree that this laptop is one of the best that you can find in the market. It has great features and is very durable. Surely, you want to buy a laptop that is worth your money. You want to have a device that will last for a long period of time.

The mini has an integrated wireless LAN; wired connectivity is also possible through the Ethernet port to stay connected. The standard operating system that the mini comes preloaded with is the Windows Vista Home Premium.

The HP 2133 is considered a complete package when it comes to usability options, facilitates hassle free handling and comes with in an attractive and affordable price