Independent InfluxHost Web Hosting Review

Influx host has been one of the most shining web hosting experiences I have ever had. As a web host, the quality of their services for the price they charge has been unmatched in my experience. The uptime they guarantee (99.9%) was never broken, and the speed of their servers are exceptional. Influx initially got me interested in hosting with them because of the incredible price of their services! Their customer service during my time hosting with them was fast, efficient and very courteous. My problems were always solved the same day, as they always have live chat support to help you with your issues. The most important thing to understand about InfluxHost is they are directed towards smaller bandwidth requirement sites. They do offer unprecedented value as long as your requirements for a web host conforms to what they can feasibly offer you. These are their bandwidth limitations. If your site fits this description of bandwidth requirements then Influx Host is a superb web host. They live up to their service description and do their job well. They offer dedicated server hosting options:

Budget server $59.99 per month, 2000 GB Monthly Transfer, Celeron-D 3.06Ghz, 80 GB IDE Hard Drive

Entry Server $99.99 per month, 2000 GB Monthly Transfer, Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz w/ HT, 250 GB SATA HD

Pro Server $169.99 per month, 2000 GB Monthly Transfer, Quad-Core Xeon 2.4Ghz

There is no setup fee on any of those plans. Dedicated server hosting options offer a higher level of security, speed, and uptime than the shared hosting option, and is mentioned for people who need a higher level of uptime reliability and speed. Their shared hosting plan limitations are laid out in the following description below

Value Plan:

Disk Storage 700 GB, Bandwidth 5,000 GB, Cost: $49.95 per year, 6 months for 29.95, or $5.95 Per Month

Premium Plan:

Disk Storage : Unlimited Bandwidth: Unlimited Cost: 69.95 for one year, six months for $49.95, or $9.95 for one month

The stipulation of the unlimited plan is the server suspends a website once the bandwidth usage has been used (even on the unlimited plan if gross bandwidth usage is observed), and applies extra fees to the hosting customers account. I would recommend that InfluxHost be used for smaller bandwidth requirement sites, as they are a shared server company and cannot offer a practical bandwidth intensive hosting option. Influx Host does not offer a virtual private server , Windows hosting, or true co-location web hosting service. Instead, they focus mainly on the Linux based operating system, and do not offer Virtual Private Server hosting because they want to focus on shared hosting, and keep their concentration on providing good service to their customers. Just make sure that you choose the best cheap web hosting 2020 so you can have a cost-efficient online investment. Furthermore, the latter are Linux based mainly for development reasons as the majority of the market does not specifically need Windows hosting or unix hosting as a web host structure. Influx Host does not offer co-location because They don’t believe (statistically) there would be a strong demand for it, and they wouldn’t be able to offer it at prices that would compete with the competition. What Influx Host does to keep costs extremely competitive is co-location our servers at specific data centers. So the customer can not have his or her OWN co-location server, but the co-location of Influx Host’s servers are shared with EVERYONE. This allows them to offer their services at rock bottom prices.

The main reason they are able to offer hosting services at such a great price is because they purchase powerful machines that are able to host many, many sites. They are able to host these machines for a good price by utilizing shared co-location at data centers. The majority of InfluxHost clients on shared hosting packages are not very resources intensive with their bandwidth requests. Therefore a shared hosting option is a viable hosting solution. I spoke with a representative to confirm all of the information that I have written in this article via their wonderful live chat option.

Their reseller plans are a great way to add hosting services to your business at a very low entry level price. Web resellers purchase bulk resources from InfluxHost, which they can sell to their own customers as they please. Their reseller plans are also useful for webmasters who want to host multiple websites for the fraction of the price, or web designers who want to sell hosting to their clients. So if you wanted to spruce up a website and sell web hosting services to customers with a relatively low bandwidth requirement, such as small business sites or personal websites, then you can make some money with Influx Host. Each reseller account comes with the following:

Ability to host unlimited domains, A cPanel for each of the domains you host, and WHM – An administration panel to manage the domains you host.

So overall Influx host is the supreme option for smaller sites, but if you have an very high traffic bandwidth resource intensive site then you would be better suited looking for a true co-location web host.