Inside Latest Pokemon Go Update

The latest Pokemon Go update rolled out just a few days ago, and the effects are still being felt. Version 0.31.0 changed quite a bit in the way of Pokemon Go gameplay, including the removal of the tracking system. Although the “Nearby” tab had been broken for some time, the Pokemon Go update caused an uproar from players around the world as they went out to buy pokemon go accounts in order to get a headstart in the game.

In response to the overwhelming negative backlash, Niantic Labs recently released a statement on the latest Pokemon Go update. Wondering what else changed? Jump right in to the changes that affect you as part of the latest update from Niantic Labs.

Pokemon Go Update – Whats New

New Pokemon Interface 

There’s been a big change in the way you transfer Pokemon to the Professor as well as favorite them. The new button makes it easier and faster to discard your unwanted Pokemon.

Tracking Removed 

One of the biggest problems with Pokemon Go had been the three-step bug. Instead of fixing the glitch, Niantic Labs decided to remove it altogether. No longer will you see the footprints that helped you track Pokemon when you tap on the Nearby tab.

Pokemon Go character customization 

You can now alter the look of your character in Pokemon Go. Now switch up your gear or swag with just a few simple taps, giving you an easy way to change your appearance on the fly.

Improved graphical interface 

The latest Pokemon Go update also included a few nifty graphical changes. These included new fonts as well as changes to gym animations. Other updates include improvements to encounter and capture animations as well as issues with GPS tracking and the map.

Gameplay balance 

Along with the other changes, the Pokemon Go update also nerfed Vaporeon and changed DPS values. These changes were aimed at improving gameplay and leveling the field, especially considering how overpowered the Vaporeon Pokemon really was.