Is Breeding Between Yoyo Loach Fishes Are Easy Or Difficult?

When you have fish in your houses, then breeding is one the main task that is done and every species have their ways of reproduction. Reproduction at home can be a difficult task because it may require some experience aquarists who can manage the breeding of these fishes.

While mating, the aquarium should be filling up to at least 150 liters, and in an aquarium, you should also have to create a strong current, which is already set by using the filters. It is said that the number of yoyo loach eggs reaches from 3 to 5 thousand.

There you may find two kinds of eggs- one white and the other is grayish. You should remove the white eggs because they were unfertilized, and the eggs in grey color are fertilized. These small FRY are allowed to feed within three days of birth, and generally, after one month of age, they grow strong and keep growing on.

 Tank Mates for yoyo fish

 Yoyo loach fish is incredible fish that can go and mate with much other fish. Generally, people keep them with peaceful fishes because they may become aggressive with their species or other aggressive fish.

If we talk about the Tank Mates for the yoyo loach fish, then here are some mates-

  • Angelfish
  • Molly Fish
  • Tetras
  • Goldfish
  • Catfish
  • Plecos

 The yoyo loaches are very active fish, which can be irritated for the other calmer or peaceful fishes in the tank. Most experts do not provide advice to keep these yoyo loaches fish with other fish because these yoyo loaches prefer to be at the bottom of the surface.

One should keep in mind that after breeding, a person should cover the bottom with the net so that a person can prevent the eggs from the female fish; they may eat their brood after throwing eggs.