Is It Advisable To Open A Company In Andorra?

Are you planning to start a new company? If yes, then Andorra will be the best country for you. The steps that a person has to follow to open a company in impuesto Sociedades Andorra are so simple that a person can easily follow them. Furthermore, there are various platforms that provide the complete knowledge to the person in opening the company.

The requirement to register a company in Andorra

If you are planning to register a company in Andorra, then there are essential documents that you will require. Let us discuss in detail about some of the basic requirements:

  • The minimum number of directors for opening the company in Andorra is one.
  • As we all know, shareholders play the most crucial role in a company. Therefore, the number of shareholders in a company must be 2 in number.
  • A share capital of $3000 is required for setting up the new company.
  • A secretary is also mandatory in a company for its proper functioning
  • A local registered director is another important person for the company

How to get the registration work done?

Hopefully, it is quite clear that there are some of the essential documents that are required by the person for running a company in the Andorra. Now the question arises how the registration work can be completed in the company. There are some steps that need to be followed by the person. Let us discuss them in detail:

  • Law and the trust work with the client to get the approval for the company and also to get its name.
  • Then the person needs to sign the memorandum of association
  • All the required documents need to be arranged by the person so that no difficulty arises in the future.

These are the basic steps to help a piece of personal information about the company in Andorra.