Job Recommendation Con Had Us

I’ve been had. We paid a moving company $8,000 to move us to another state with lower unemployment so that my husband would have a better chance to get a job. The head mover complimented my husband on the way he packed our belongings to be moved and said he would give my husband a good job recommendation, with the moving company. My husband applied and put this guy as a reference, but did not even receive a phone call.

If that were all, I wouldn’t bother writing this. However, a year later, I now see what was really going on. The head mover was conning us out of paying close attention to the movers, with his fake offer of a job recommendation.

We didn’t have anything worth stealing, but they damaged a lot of our stuff. They were so vague in their notations on the shipping manifest that it was useless in tracking which belongings were in which containers. If we had been paying attention we would have made them be less vague and more careful.

The first thing we wanted to do once the movers left was fire up our microwave oven and eat some frozen dinners. As soon as we turned it on, the microwave fizzled, popped and smoked. The movers had dropped one of our boxes, and it must have been the one the microwave was in. A comparable new microwave cost us $200.

They broke the handles off one of our cabinets. The head mover gave us $20 to buy new handles, but the cabinet is so old that no hardware stores have handles that fit it anymore. It would have cost much more than $20 to have custom handles made to fit. As it is, we had to settle for knobs.

I so wish that we had stuck to local moving Edmonton as they were one of the best movers ever as they never provided any excuse to their clients to fret or complain about anything and quite honest with their profession.

They stacked our boxes onto dollies and left the stacks in the garage and the basement. This would have been OK except they paid no heed to boxes we marked to contain glass or other fragile items. Fortunately, I am obsessive when it comes to accessing the boxes. I unstacked them and stored them in nooks and crannies in the basement, before anything broke.

We filed a claim with the moving company’s liability insurance, for the damage to the microwave oven. Our claim was denied because we apparently had selected the wrong option on the shipping manifest and were not covered by the liabilty insurance. I should have caught a clue right then, that we had been conned. I was still so sure that my husband was getting a good job recommendation that the con escaped me for a year.