Keeping Fit: Yoga Vs. Pilates

Nowadays there are many different ways for an individual to stay fit and in shape. Two of the most popular ways are Yoga and Pilates. With both Yoga and Pilates, you will find many health benefits to these types of exercises. Since each individual is different, you need to take the time to find which exercise best suits your particular needs.

Let’s first take a look at Yoga. According to Yoga originated in India and focuses on mental and physical conditioning. Its origins start with the religious practices of religions in India. In this type of exercise routine, they teach you the art of meditation and focusing your mind and your body to work as one. Yoga exercises work on a lot of stretches and different types of movements. You will learn new poses that will help to improve your flexibility. Many doctors also find Yoga to be therapeutic and sometimes recommend it for their patients. The practice of Yoga many find to be great and putting your entire body into harmony. Moreover, after reviewing this 12 week Yoga Burn Challenge, I realized how effective this program is.

With Pilates you will find that it first got it’s origins from a man names Joseph Pilates in Germany. It is a physical fitness program that has spread throughout several countries. Like Yoga Pilates focuses on getting your mind to work in harmony with your body. Pilate’s uses different breathing techniques, and stretches to help warm up the boy. If it is focusing on physical conditioning and toning that you re looking for than Pilates may be the answer for you. You will find that with Pilates you use a lot of exercises that focuses on strength, balance, and toning. Many feel that weight loses comes quicker with Pilates than it does with Yoga. This exercise focuses on the core muscles of your body and helps to get them in shape and keep them that way. The resources available at the stores should be great. The loss of the excessive fats will be possible with the resources. A selection or click resources will be great to get the desired results for the person.

As you can see with both Pilates and Yoga there are some similarities. It’s just that you get more of an intense workout with one than you do with the other. It really depends on what an individual wants for their body. If you want to focus on muscle toning and building up your strength then you should try starting with Pilates. If you want more of a way to relax and relieve stress then you may want to try Yoga. For some, it may be necessary to try both of these exercise methods in order to figure out which one works best for them. Both Yoga and Pilates will help you get on the road to being fit, and staying there.

When it comes to finding Pilates and Yoga classes in your area you will find it pretty easy. Most YMCA’s now offer these classes for an affordable price. You can also try your local gym that offers these classes in a group setting. Working out in a group setting when you first start these classes can be a lot of fun. If you take a beginner’s class you will be surrounded by people just starting out like yourself. Sometimes it is more encouraging to work out with a group than alone. Why not look in your area and try finding one or both of these classes and sign up. In most gyms, they will allow you to attend one trial class to see if it is something you want to do.