Kick Start Your Fitness Regime with Cardio Exercises

Instead of pounding pavements and jumping on your Stairmaster, you can make plans for cardio exercises in an organized manner. Ask yourself – do I need ripped abs? Toned arms? Or, a supremely fit body? If there’s need for all three, then you are absolutely bang on target with your decision to take up cardio exercises.

Cardio exercises are exercises, which tend to increase the functional capacity of your lungs and hearts. But let’s not hide anything from you – it can at times get dead boring! So, it’s important to spice it up with a touch of creativity. Excessive repetition of cardio exercises can also weaken your muscles and leave you bone dry. Therefore, a proper balance along with enough variation holds the key to success.

Moreover, the necessary variations in workouts provide muscles the much needed time to recover during off days. This eventually, makes your fitness progress absolutely smooth. You can vary time of training, place, duration, intensity, and mode to experience the magic. However, before beginning your new cardio-fitness regime, make sure to consult your doctor on the levels and types of activity you would be able to cope comfortably. In this context, follow the restrictions or limitations imposed by the doctor carefully.

As per the latest researches, the primary benefits derived through execution of cardio exercises are as follows:

Reduced risk from the dangers of osteoporosis

The above benefits are the main reason why most doctors recommend a vigorous cardio activity for about 30 minutes on the weekends. For further cardiovascular endurance, doctors usually suggest a 40 to 70 minutes cardio program for 3 to 5 days a week.

Now with all the knowledge of cardio exercise benefits, how do you intend to start your heart-pounding fitness plan?

Deciding to run on your treadmill, or running outside at any location can be a good answer to the above question. In fact, it can prove an excellent option if you’re planning to burn calories and increase muscle strength over a period of time. It also takes care of your heart more than any exercise. You can begin with running 15 minutes, and then work your way up. This is because it takes nearly 15 minutes for the body to actually get warmed up. Thereafter, your body takes to a new level. Ideally, it won’t be a bad idea if you plan to run at a stretch for about 40 minutes. However, people suffering from bad knees can take the help of elliptical machines to reach their goals.

Running can be good for several reasons. For instance, you can run just about anytime and anywhere. If you manage to include interval training, hills, and sprints, it can prove even more effective. However, for building body endurance and stamina, running can prove time-consuming. This is the only downside of this wonderful cardio exercise.

Cycling is another wonderful cardio workout that you should include in your fitness regime. It increases body endurance and stamina while burning loads of calories at the same time. The effects can be experienced very fast. This cardio exercise has also proved an excellent option for strengthening the joints and tissues. The combination of kicks and punches make kickboxing a good option as well. It can be considered a complete cardio exercise as it involves both lower and upper portion of the body.

On top of these workout and exercises, it is also important to support your daily routine with a weight loss supplement. This will serve as your support system in achieving your desired body weight. For more information, you can check this site:

To conclude, it would not be a good option if you plan to split up the time for your cardio exercises. It is expected that you maintain a consistency of about 15 minutes in order to experience great results. In case, you fail to find time even for 10 minutes, try to do something than absolutely nothing. It is always better than to sit still!