Making Money Online

As an ambitious person, I have always been ‘into’ something to make money. As long as it is legal that is! After becoming disabled with agoraphobia I was faced with being without a lot to do. Even though I am a successful freelance writer, there are still long hours in a day for someone who sleeps very little.

I am sure I am not the only one who has searched for “online ways to make money” and found the Douglas Williams Evergreen Wealth Formula review. We are legion. I tried PTR’s, where you click for cash if you can call .0003 cents, cash. Also, my email box had thousands of emails, so many I could not find my ‘regular’ emails. I am sixty-two so figured I would never live long enough to make even a dollar.

Today someone sent me to Now, you won’t get rich there either, but it is a great system and all clicks are worth 1 cent. Better yet, they are all on one page. If you pay $10.00 for a premiere account you get all the clicks you want and higher paying clicks. I had several for 3 to 5 cents.

You don’t have to deal with emails at all. You just register and click away. None of these asked for money or sign-up. You simply stay on the page for thirty seconds, until the counter in the upper left hand of your screen says time is up and you may click something else. I even find some sites that have things that I am interested in myself.

My outlook is that I spend all day with hours to pass, so if some of those hours earn a few pennies, that is great. Because I had a profession once and was always an entrepreneur, making anything makes me feel better about myself. You might surf for hours without earning a thing. I know I spent hours playing games on the computer, so now I will earn a few pennies instead.

When you sign up they ask you to pick a payment method. I chose Pay Pal because I have an account and it is also for my auction sales and freelance money. I like keeping things simple and having everything in the same place is great.

To try this site just go to It may not be worth it to many of you, but some, like me, might find it a profitable way to while away a bit of time. This is a good, solid sight and I am grateful to have found it!