MP3 Essentials: Pink

Out of all the stars that came from the late nineties and the earlier moments of the new century, Pink is one of the more original ones. She began her career as an R B; vixen with a few locks of Pink hair and a brazen persona. While the hair has changed and her style has expanded to include a lot of different influences, sounds, and moods one thing remains the same. Pink is not afraid to say what she means. Whether it’s taken the president to task, telling a guy in the bar to get lost, or making fun of vacant socialites you never really know what you are going to get. So here are my favorite hot Pink moments that you relive can get as you download lagu terbaru 2020.

  1. There You Go

Her first album isn’t her strongest by any stretch (that honor goes to I’m Not Dead or Funhouse, I’m still deciding) but this debut song was still a dynamic introduction. The production of this song was pretty ordinary on the radio in 2000 but Pink busted through the customary and made it vibrant. It easily could have been a rip off of anything of Destiny’ Child sophomore album but it ends up being filled with an attitude that is distinctive. Eight years later I am listening to this more than anything off Beyonce’s former girl group’s second album. That says something I think.

  1. Just Like A Pill

One of the best songs off her second album with its shuffling beat and rock-influenced edge, the song just seems to capture that whole feeling of being in an unhealthy relationship. The refrain of this song is perfect as she states “I can’t say on your morphine cause it’s making me itch…..” The song was hard but vulnerable all at the same time and while it’s really a pop song, it’s a pop song that rocks.

  1. Stupid Girls

I love this song. I love any song that so bluntly and unapologetically skewers socialites like Paris Hilton. The song “Stupid Girls” is as smart as it is acidic as Pink partakes in some lyrical target shooting. Taking some of the sounds and trends New Doubt brought back to the forefront and giving a sarcastic Pink twist, the song is probably one of her most memorable. I love singing along as she quips and pokes fun.

  1. Dear Mr. President

We have now come to the tail end of the Bush administration and while several songs were written about this Republican, I think Pink’s is the most memorable. Acoustic guitar, frank lyrics, and astute songwriting make it a memorable moment for this colorful pop star.

  1. So What!

Obnoxious and cynical, Pink gives us another fantastic pop gem showing that Pink can do bratty with the best of them. I love this song though and it just demands that you sing along. The thing that makes Pink special is that this would be just another Avril Lavigne leadoff single if it weren’t for the more complicated emotional current pulsing right underneath. Despite her flippant attitude you know there is something more emotional and sad lingering underneath. This is confirmed by later songs like “Mean” on her latest album Funhouse.

  1. Crystal Ball

Sensitive and thoughtful, this song seems like a complete opposite of the brash opening track. When you contrast this gorgeous acoustic ballad of facing the unknown to the tougher, more aggressive songs you can get a sense of the emotional range Pink has as an artist. This song has a very whimsical, lilting feel and is filled with quiet confidence. I think of a seventies songwriter like Carole King or Joni Mitchell if she had a more bluesy, gritty voice. This just might be the most beautiful song she’s done.

  1. Family Portrait

This powerful song was written about divorce and while it’s dressed up in fairly typical performance the lyrics are oozing with emotion elevating it far beyond what it could have been. Pink’s vocals are soulful and heartbreaking as she pleads “in our family portrait, we look pretty normal, we look pretty happy, let’s go back to that.”

  1. Catch Me While I’m Sleeping

This was a very nice, lush ballad for Pink and was one of the definite highlights of her third album Try This. She gives a soulful, even bluesy performance against a downy background of synthesizers and girly background vocals. It’s very different from a lot of the songs Pink has done. It’s pop but it has those rock and soul influences peeking through.

  1. God Is A DJ

I enjoy the frolicking combination between rock, pop, and dance music as she gives us a song to hit the dancefloor with. It’s basically taking all the drama and baggage but going on with life in spite of it all. It has a slightly funky groove percolating underneath the feel-good vibe. This is a song you just enjoy and don’t really analyze too much.

  1. Feel Good Time

This song was from the movie Charlie’s Angels which was pretty forgettable. Thankfully this soundtrack gem from Pink wasn’t. Produced by William Orbit who orchestrated Madonna’s Ray Of Light comeback, this song combines sixties go-go sensibilities with techno flourishes. Pink’s vocals give it some rock grit and a rebellious spirit. It’s pop music but it’s pop music that gives a little something extra.

So these are some of the best songs from Pink. Plugin your MP3 player, drag them on, and enjoy.