My Weight Loss Resolution

I’ve always been a health and fitness fanatic. Some people call it obsessive. I call myself dedicated. I like looking good and staying fit. It may be the Marine mentality in me (I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps). Getting pregnant was amazing, but gaining weight made me look at myself in disgust when I looked in the mirror. My daughter was born in July of 2009, and by December of 2009, I was still wearing my pregnancy pants. You know, the really ugly ones with the weird looking kangaroo pouch thingy in the front. I worked out, but I knew I wasn’t working out hard enough or putting the effort and time in the gym like I used to. I suffered post-partum depression, and fitness was not my priority like it had used to be anymore. My husband was deploying to Afghanistan in January, and I made a resolution that year that when he got back in August, I would have lost all my weight. I wanted to be smoking hot for him.

I spent the entire seven months of my husband’s deployment at the gym or hitting the pavement. I was working out harder than I had ever done before. My jogging stroller got so much use that I had to buy a new one halfway through the deployment. I’ve always been a healthy eater, so my diet did not change drastically, but I did cut my portions almost in half. I didn’t starve myself. I know my body, and I know how much food it needs to support my active lifestyle. I also attended a spin class religiously. I accredit the majority of my weight loss to spin class. I went to four to five spin classes a week. I started to notice changes in my body immediately. My stomach was tightening back up. One brave day in July (a month before my husband’s homecoming) I decided to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans. I was mentally preparing myself for defeat, but slowly but surely, those jeans slid on like butter! I could zip them up and button them up completely! I think I stood in front of the mirror for a good hour just staring at myself.

When August rolled around, I felt confident. I had bought a new wardrobe, and my husband and I had planned a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I was going to be confident in a bikini. The day my husband came home safely from combat was one of the most unforgettable days of my life. Being reunited with the love of my life after seven, long months is a feeling that only a military wife would understand, but the look on his face when he came up to me was a look that is ingrained in my head forever. I had been successful with my New Year’s resolution. If a person has the resolution of weight loss, then the purchase will be made of the leptitox product. It should be purchased from a reputed site for the long-lasting results and affordable costs.