Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey Is Difficult But Not Impossible

With the upcoming New Year, many people will be making resolutions. With the high cost of cigarettes and of course the health benefits of not smoking, one of the most popular resolutions will be quitting smoking.

Naturally, like all resolutions, keeping this resolution will be difficult. This is due to the fact that the nicotine in cigarettes is narcotic and highly addictive. Nicotine discharges of epinephrine from the adrenal cortex, which stimulates endocrine glands. This releases glucose which causes people who smoke to need more nicotine. This stays in the smoker’s system. Once you stop smoking and the cravings begin. However, one of the most effective ways through which you can control this urge is through dab rigs. Click here to get dab rigs under $100.

There are many products and procedures available to aid in the cessation of smoking. But they all depend on one factor. Will Power. Plus they are all very costly. As such, many people will opt for “Cold Turkey”. They will stop smoking without any aid. This is the most difficult. However, it can be done.

The first thing you need to do is to tell everyone you know that you are quitting smoking. They will be supportive and will understand when cravings get to you and you end up not being yourself.

Having faith in yourself is essential for your first couple of weeks. When the cravings hit, you have to understand that you are bigger and better than cigarettes. You have to accept that you do not really need that cigarette, even though you want them too much. Think about how much better you will feel without cigarettes. Think about how much money you will save without cigarettes and how you will not smell like an ashtray anymore. Think about how much whiter your teeth will be. Remember, you had a life before you started smoking, and you will have a letter life without cigarettes. You will survive this.

Take long walks and drink lots of water. Walks will help to elevate the stress. Drinking water and walking will help to flush the nicotine out of your system. Think about how much better off you are going to be without cigarettes. Let the excitement of a better life without cigarettes override the need. This will feel impossible the first week, but it can be done. Remember, it is all about who is better, you or cigarettes.

Eat more nutritious meals and take multi-vitamins. Smoking depletes the body of important nutrients. You can now replace them. This will help you feel better.

There are times that you will crave cigarettes the most. During the time you are drinking your first coffee of the day or while driving. The need comes at different times for different people. No matter how much you want that cigarette, do no dwell on the need. Refocus on something else. Think of something pleasant. Like what you are going to do with all the money you are saving.

Talk to people who are also quitting smoking and people who have quit. They are the best supporters. Especially people who have already quit. They have a tendency to be excited for you and that excitement is contagious. Just talking to them will make you feel better and stronger.

Do not put undue pressure on yourself. Do not think about giving up smoking forever. Just think about making it through the hour, the next hour, etc. If you made it through the last hour, you can certainly make through the next, and so on.

After two weeks, the cravings will have toned down quite a bit. Think of the money you have saved. Celebrate the anniversary of the date you stopped smoking. Do something nice for yourself. Buy a CD, DVD or a take yourself out for a nice meal.

After that, reward yourself in small ways every week after that. Remember, you are breaking an addiction. This is not easy.

The first week is the hardest. It gets better the following week, and even better the next. By the end of the week, your cravings will cut down substantially.

One of the nicest, and worst, benefits of quitting smoking is that your taste buds will come back to life. They say it is oral gratification that causes most people to replace smoking with overeating. I personally found that food tasted so much better that I just ate like crazy. After I quit I found out that the foods which I did not like before, tasted really good.

Do not trade one addiction for another. Food is not going to take the place of nicotine. And while food does taste so much better, there is no need to overeat.

Quitting smoking is very difficult. I have a friend who was fond of saying that she quit all the time until she finally did quit. If you have confidence in yourself and stay true to your Will Power, you will succeed. Do not let cigarettes defeat you. You are the one with free will. You will only defeat yourself if you do not succeed.