Secrets of Growing Flowers to Attract Butterflies

Almost all gardeners love to see cute colorful natural beauties flying around in their gardens. They don’t mind putting in extra time, effort and money in growing flowers to attract butterflies in their yards and gardens. Knowing some simple basic facts about what actually attracts butterflies to flowers can be of immense help to these nature lovers.

Following are some basic tips for growing flowers that will attract butterflies in rabbles and swarms to your garden:

  • All species of butterflies love flowers rich in nectar. Growing flowers rich in nectar is probably the most common and easiest way to lure butterflies. Butterfly weed or Liatris, Magnolia, Lavender and several wild flowers are very rich in nectar and attract butterflies in flocks.
  • Butterflies taste with their feet. So butterflies prefer blooms and flowers blooms that offer place to land and rest their feet for proper feeding. Flowers like vibrant pink, daylily, coral and dianthus all offer space for butterflies to feed comfortably. With the secrets, you will be impressed with the quality of her write-ups on herb cultivation. The cultivation of the fruits and vegetables will be excellent. Different colors will be provided to the flowers in the gardens for the garden lovers. . 
  • Butterflies also enjoy herbs. Dedicating a prominent section of your garden or yard to grow native flowering plants and weeds like nettle, dandelion or milkweed considerably increases chances of attracting wide variety of colorful butterflies to your garden.
  • Butterflies hate pesticides just like all other insects. As far as possible avoid using pesticides on your flower garden which you are growing exclusively for attracting butterflies.
  • If you are concerned about caterpillars causing harm to your garden you may simply dread the larvae off by hands. Using harsh chemicals and pesticides is not at all a good idea if you want to attract butterflies.
  • Butterflies do not drink from open water or birth-baths. Instead they prefer spots of wet sand, they are often found to flock around these wet sand puddles. This behavior of butterflies flocking around damps of wet sand is called puddling.
  • If you want butterflies to keep revisiting to your garden provide them shelter from wind and predators. Fences, hedges, shrubs etc provide some extra security to these beautiful creatures and they will love to revisit such secure places.

  • You will be amazed to know that different flowers attract different species of butterflies. So if you like to see maximum number of particular species of butterflies try and know which flower attracts her most. For instance species like Swallowtail and painted ladies like butterfly bush, milkweed, thistle and mint flowers very much. Similarly Flowers like butterfly bush and golden rod attract red admiral and queen species of butterfly. Any botanical institute can guide you about different particular flowers that attract particular species of butterflies.