Self-Defense- Managing Fears for Women

While both boys and girls have equal rights for everything but there is still a patriarchal dominance in the society that demands that women remain subservient while they continue to call the shots forever but thankfully, times have changed for the better where women fight for their rights and get them.

Still, they are considered physically weak compared to their male counterparts and are often viewed as delicate and fragile on the exterior and cannot defend themselves in their hour of need.

While this has changed to a great extent, we still have a long way to go on this matter because a girl belonging to a subpar family still has trouble wandering out on her own especially during nighttime due to which she falls prey to unscrupulous elements of the society.

Defense Mechanism

Therefore, it is impertinent that they learn the acts of self defense in order to become self reliant and lead the fray to keep themselves out of trouble rather than simply be the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by the hero or staying confined to their home.

There is an interesting website that deals on this matter where women need to learn the art of self defense and its link is where there are some important points given by the law enforcement on how women can put up their defense in times of peril.

While it might take time for them to learn martial arts for self defense, the safest option for them at the moment is to keep a pepper spray in handy in their bag so that they can pull it out and spray it in the eyes of the person who advances towards her with ignoble intentions.

A stun gun is also a good alternative that can be used to shoot them in the leg so that they are temporarily stunned that will allow the woman to buy time for making her escape.