Social Network Etiquette, Remember What Your Mother Told You!

I have many problems with social networks. First of all my main problem is that when I take time to talk to one of my “friends” with the live chat option they seem distant and many times they don’t even say goodbye before they go offline or pause for some incredible long period. I think this lessons the friendship. If I were to wander across the same friend at the mall, I would spend at least thirty minutes catching up with my friend and truly enjoying their company.

I understand how we all are stressed for time and deadlines, but multitasking is not necessarily the best activity while we are continuing our friendships. This is not to be confused with someone that you talk to continuously day in day out. Of course you are going to pause or do something else if you have been talking to that person for two hours that day. I just feel that if you are going to talk to a friend you haven’t seen in years that you should show genuine interest.

Another trend that I see happening a lot is people being rude. Social Network sites may not be the best place to share our judgments on other people’s activities. The mistake people make is that they don’t realize that social networks are a public forum. That would be the same as telling a person off for what they like to do in front of every person they know. This could be a tool to learn who we do not want to be friends with. The best policy is if you don’t have anything nice to say, DON’T SAY ANYTHING!

What your mother told you still holds true! Don’t talk to strangers-you don’t know what lengths creeper stalkers will go to fixate on you! This especially holds true for your children. Say no to letting your nine year old get her own site, she really is not old enough! Teach stranger danger! If a person does not want to show the personal belongings, then the services of Instagram Private Profile Viewer can be adopted. Looking for Instagram Private Profile Viewer? Then there will be getting of the effective results. The creation of the site will be beneficial for the person with success. The list of the mistakes will be less when the private profile will be selected through the person. 

Your mother also said DON’T SHOW OFF YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY! Don’t put pictures up that you wouldn’t want to show to everybody-because they can see it! Colleges and businesses now look you up before they enroll you into their society. Teenagers are the worst at this, they have “look at me” syndrome. I understand you want to fight for your right to party, but protect yourself in any given situation! It is important for you to make a decision about what you will and will not do, and then just don’t cross that line. I wouldn’t trust the filters that social networks place for privacy. Don’t think those can’t be hacked into, because they can. If you ever watch Law and Order you know that anything is possible.

Remember also that the person who dies with the most friends is not the winner. Quality should always out weight quantity. Spend your time improving your life, your love, and your friendships. When visiting social networks, to quote Woody from Toy Story “PLAY NICE!”