Supporting a Clean Lifestyle

Positive energy is very important and can allow the addict to have the strength needed to endure the daily healing, that is needed to further avoid the use of drugs and alcohol. Many times addicts feel that they can defeat the urge to use, however as time goes on, they begin to stress and stumble, back onto the old path that they had worked so hard to avoid. Drugs and alcohol dependence can grab hold of someone and it is very hard to overcome, unless they are surrounded by positive people and loving family. There are three stages that an addict has to face and they are the phase before the treatment otherwise known as Intervention, during the treatment program and also after the treatment.

Before an addict goes into a substance abuse treatment program, they feel that they are fine and that nothing is wrong with the way they are living. They may also feel that they want to stop drinking or using, however they are afraid of the change. It is up to friends and family to talk to the member and try to tactfully tell them that they need to change their ways or nobody will stand by them and watch the downward spiral they are heading into. It is important to contact a counselor and have them guide you in what you should say to them so as not to make matters worse. Some patients are wise enough to agree with you and voluntarily decide that they need help and take the help without a fight. During the beginning of the drug phase, where they began to use drugs and/or drink alcohol, they obviously did so because somewhere in their lives they were feeling low or that they were not a useful position in society. Their self-esteem level was at a low point and when they used, it rose to a level of satisfaction and acceptance in their mind. Although in their mind they feel as if they are in control, everyone around them is feeling that they are not and wants their loved one to change their practices. Many people feel that they can tell someone to quit using, but it’s the user that needs to quit on their own. This is true, however if everyone gives up telling someone to stop using, aren’t they in some way giving up on the person and allowing them to hurt themselves even longer? Persistence and devotion are two key elements that can help someone see the light and become clean.

Steven Gifford, author of the article, “The Importance of Family Involvement in Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Therapy” tells that after the Intervention step, it is important they follow through with the complete treatment program.  Addiction treatment is not something that can be obtained by the patient alone. Basically, he or she needs a support system all throughout the process. This will help the patient to recover from addiction and start anew. There are two separate types of substance abuse programs, inpatient and outpatient. Both are very successful in treating patients, however it is usually what you prefer to participate in. Everybody has different addictions which entails every case to be handled differently. Inpatient rehabilitation is available for many patients who require more attention than if they were living at home. There are services such as physical and emotional support offered for those who need it as well. Outpatient rehabilitation is basically an as needed basis and you are required to visit a clinic and obtain an appointment. Support can be a very important thing in their journey to staying clean. They will need family, friends as well as a team of other addicts to help them all stay clean. There are meetings that are available for outpatient rehab patients to all get together and keep each other on the right track.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation is not an easy process for the patient to go through, it isn’t strictly a certain amount of time, it’s the rest of their life. Many people believe that if a user gets clean that they will be clean however if they become stressed or tempted there is always that chance that they will return to using because it is familiar. After the time in rehab it is important to continue living the clean lifestyle. There are four ways to strengthen the chances that they will not return to using.


If those people who are trying to become clean and stay that way do not change their way of living, there will always be constant reminders of the past that haunts them. They can try to meet new friends that are associated with a twelve step program or at least stop talking to those of his friends that are associated with drugs. It is also important to find groups that are associated to your addiction, such as NA (Narcotics Anonymous)or AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). It is also important that they are thinking of the great new life ahead of themselves without the use of drugs and/or alcohol to keep them living.

Examine your Attempts

Look at how you have tried to quit using, or if this is your first time, consider thinking of how a friend had tried to quit and ask yourself if it worked for them. This is not a guarantee that it will work for you if it worked for your friend, but it’s worth a shot. If it hadn’t worked for you in the past or anyone else you know, chances are it won’t work now for you. That’s when you search for a way that will work.

Set Small Goals at First

Don’t overwhelm yourself with large deadlines for certain changes to occur, because if they do not get met it will only make you feel discouraged. Smaller goals at shorter spans of time can make you feel successful and also that you have accomplished more at once.

Ask for Support

Tell friends and family or anyone who is willing to be a supportive support system for you in your time of healing. This will definitely help you continue with your road to success and less of a chance of using once again. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either, sometimes it takes more courage to ask for help and to succeed rather than do it on your own and fail.

It is possible to turn your life around and get back relationships that you may have lost during the time you were using, however it is also hard for some people to accept change. If you come across some people who are like that, it might be easier to get friends that are unaware of your past and focus on your future. Nobody is perfect however it is up to you to become serious and change your life no matter what you need to do. Don’t forget to ask anyone for help that is willing to stand by you and make sure you succeed.