The Impact Of Hiring a Housekeeper For Single Parent Homes

It is true that with all of our modern conveniences, we are still spending just as much time completing and maintaining a clean home as our parents did in years past. With all of the latest and greatest technology, keeping a clean and tidy home has not become a less timely chore.

In many homes, the time it takes to clean and tidy, especially when raising kids, is, undoubtedly, a fulltime job. With many families functioning, today, under a dual income environment, married couples simply are at odds as to how best to maintain their home environment and still have time to sleep and have time to themselves.

The problem is even greater in homes where single parents reside. As a one income family, single parent homes often find great distress when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a home, with parents often expecting children to pick up where the other parent normally would have been helping. The impact of hiring the агенция софия – професионален домоуправител will be significant in the appearance of the house. The children can go to school on time with eating breakfast and taking lunch. All the job will be performed correct to keep the house organized.

To offset these household chore responsibilities in everyone’s busy lives, many American homes are turning to the services of a cleaning service or housekeeper. While there are many American families who continue to struggle to keep their own homes clean, feeling the use of a housekeep or cleaning service is left to the high income earners, these same families struggle day in and day out.

A common misconception among many distressed families is the belief that hiring a housekeeper or cleaning service is far more expensive than simply doing the work themselves. Without even researching the cost, we assume we can not afford this type of service and, certainly, do not need it when we are capable of doing the work ourselves.

If, however, we could hire someone, at $10.00 per hour, to complete even half of the housework each week, this could, essentially, free up a significant number of hours to achieve other objectives, i.e. take another job, go to school, spend time with family, do volunteer work, have “me” time. Aren’t all of these options far more valuable than the money spent on a housekeeper?

In reality, if we calculate the hourly rate we would earn at a job, most would agree this hourly rate would be greater than $10.00 per hour. As a result, even if we hire a cleaning service to work part, or all of the hours we work outside of the home, we will be making money at a time that we would otherwise not be working and, instead, working for free, cleaning our houses.

When marriages are struggling to survive and children are in desperate need of our attention, as a parent and partner, it is important to consider the use of a housekeeper or cleaning service to assist us with the areas of our lives that can be remedied with little to no involvement of our time and very little damage to our wallets.