The Right Kind of Personal Development Plan

Are you looking for a personal development plan? Do you want more success, more achievement, more fulfillment in life? A personal development plan can make it happen, and now you can be one to have one!

What Exactly Is A Personal Development Plan?

A personal development plan is simply a plan, like a business plan, but aimed at your personal development. This involves several aspects, and we will go into detail as we go further.

Goal setting is a major factor and is essential to craft this plan. Consider you have many elements for this and it involves what you want out of development. There is no point to craft a personal development plan just for the sake of it. You want this plan to include things that will be beneficial for you now and in the future. The development of the mental health should be there to meet with the specifications and get the right mental treatment. The planning of the strategy should be great with experts and solving the mental toughness is great to offer the advantages. 

Elements Of A Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan could include many factors. For example it could include learning a new language, it could include working on building sales skills which is very important and effective in increasing income, so it could have a benefit which shows in how much more life you can experience!

Here are some elements you may want to include in a personal development plan:

  • Learning a different language
  • Character elements such as positive mental attitude, behavior and habits
  • Improving skills that directly benefit your career or allow you to get into a new career like sales skills
  • Public speaking? This is a fear that most people would rather die then do! Master it, and be amazed

Let us look at these elements further in detail. There is much more we could include such as learning how to save, how to budget, how to fly an airplane, and much more, however, as each case is different, I will try to cater for what most people will like to do or would like to do more of. Want to learn how to play the piano, conduct a symphony; this is all food for thought!

As I have stated a personal development plan comes down to goal setting. You need to know what you want to learn. This comes down to heart rather than mind. It is looking at what your heart suggests; as it can give you the ideas that will really benefit you rather than what you think you want.

How To Layout A Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan requires a few elements. The goal or outcome to be achieved, why you want it, the date to be achieved by, and the steps that will get you there. Don’t worry about all the steps. All you need to know is the first step or first few steps. Take a leap on faith.

An Example For An Item In Your Personal Development Plan

Let us consider public speaking as it is people’s biggest fear. So let us work to crush that fear because when you do, you will be very happy you did. At least you will learn something!

Outcome: Speak for a crowd of 100 people or more.

Date to be achieved by: 2010

Why do you want to achieve this? Most people would rather die; passing this fear allows me to accomplish a lot of good.

Steps to take:

  1. Increase confidence by reading confidence book, confidence hypnosis program.
  2. Join speakers association
  3. Start speaking!

This is just one element, and can be worked with many methods. Overall have fun and look at what you would like to do. Remember the outcome and your why. The most important step is the outcome as most people don’t realize this. It is not about learning a new language, but actually being able to use that new language fluently in another country.