Things You Need to Know Before Submitting Your Music

Before you can submit your track, you must first determine where and to whom you should send it. However, where did you get all of this information? It’s really very straightforward. All you have to do is pay attention to who is mentioning other producers and on what forum they are sharing this information. For example, if you just finished reading an article about Martin Garrix’s new single, go find the blogger and save anything you can. Jot down their application email, which bands they release, which traits they look for in songs, and who their A&Rs are if you love all Bitbird produces and want to sign one of your songs to them.

Your database will quickly grow to be enormous. To narrow down the results and improve your chances of receiving an email response, do some research into which platforms can enjoy and anticipate music in your style and genre. It’s almost time to send the first email to bloggers and record labels.You believe your music adds everything experience to the market, and you’re ready for the rest of the world to hear it! So now comes the most important part: writing a job description to sell your track.

When positioning a track, sequencing all of your moves is more difficult than it seems. Your first proposal should be sent 10 to 14 days prior to the official launch date. Later in your journey, when you’ve built good relationships with label A&Rs and a promising future as an artist, you’ll be able to give them nearly finished songs. But, for the time being, just submit tracks when they’re fully done. Also, you should submit your music to record labels so you can easily monitor the progress of your crafts.