Tips for Returning and New People in the WOW Player Statistics

The WOW player statistics are still as vibrant as ever. However, the World of Warcraft Classic itself has gone through dozens of changes these past years. That means returning players may have difficulties regaining their gaming performance. New players can stumble on some difficulties too.

That’s why you need to read this list of tips regardless of you being a returning or new player in the game.

Quick Guide for Old or New Guys in the WOW Player Statistics

  • You can link a free authenticator to get four additional slots in your bag.
  • Currencies have their tab now, which means they won’t consume your inventory.
  • Consider selling almost all of your items; unless they’re truly useful for you. That helps you remove items while earning gold.
  • Think of deleting your quest items after using them. That helps your bag breathe out more slots.
  • Wipeout your old quest logs. You won’t be needing them anymore in the game.
  • Search for new portals in the game. Some sit in helpful places such as auction houses. Also, update the list of portals you use since some old ones have been removed from the game.

  • Search for artifact weapons in legions. You can grab some from quests in legion contents easily.
  • Be careful of housing expansions since they don’t produce substantial perks. Generally, it is not wise to invest too much in expansions. That’s despite expansions offering you some housing for followers on a mission.

World of Warcraft Classic has improved through the years, and many changes have been applied to the game. If you’re a returning player, this quick guide should help you go back to the game. New players can also benefit from these handy tips since it tells some valuable tactics. Note, however, that the best strategy is still exploring the game, and everybody in the WOW player statistics agrees on that.