Top 10 Social Media Mistake Golf Courses

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Today we’ll cover some of the most common mistakes golf courses make in social media. Much like any marketing medium, social media has it’s pros and cons… unfortunately due to its complexity and social nature, social media can be some scary new ground for more traditional marketers. But this isn’t any reason to not learn more about it… here’s our list of top 10 social media mistakes to avoid:

  • Social media isn’t even on the marketing radar – your worst mistake in social media is not getting involved (followed shortly after by some of the next few “mistakes”)
  • Social media is used simply as a selling tool – okay, we get it you want to guarantee and ROI on your social media efforts, but you have to understand that there’s nothing social about selling. You have to be creative, you have to be cunning – and trust the sales will come.
  • Social Media Content is not Engaging – if you’re not leveraging your fanbase for their opinions, reviews, ratings and more – you’re not leveraging the potential of your website. Telling you fans something is great… but not engaging, asking them questions on the other hand inspires a response.
  • There is no two-way communication – if someone takes the time to reply to one of your posts, take the time to respond. Who knows your response may inspire more reactions… and not to mention, the more responses your posts get the further it reaches.s
  • Social Media is not leveraged effectively – even the most basic Facebook page allows you to share videos, events, pictures and conduct surveys. Using these tools is simple and easy, yet most golf courses neglect it.
  • There’s no benefits to being fans – building a fanbase is useless unless you leverage it appropriately. Give your fans a reason to stay as fans – give them exclusive deals that only they can take advantage of.
  • Bad comments or feedback are left to stew – leaving bad comments to brew amongst your fanbase is one of the worst mistakes you can make, deleting it on the other hands is “the worst” – use these opportunities to display your customer service and empathy… your fans may even come to your defense.
  • Multiple social media channels are not leveraged – Facebook isn’t the only social media outlet out there, and many are very easy to linked together to expand your reach. Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare are all easily integrated together – take advantage.

  • They give up too early – your ROI may not come overnight, but persistence and dedication is key. If you’re pumping out quality content, the sales will come.
  • 10. They don’t advertise their social media presence – there’s no point in being on social media if nobody and can find. If you are not actively promoting your social media presence on your course website, scorecards, pamphlets and more – you’re not taking full advantage.

This list is by no means complete… but it covers some of the major mistakes golf courses make. Have you got others we missed – we’d love to hear from you and your approach to golf course social media. Get in touch with the comments section below. For increasing the engagement of the people, a person can Buy instagram likes at cheaper rates. No mistakes should be done through the people to enhance the promotion of the products. The likes are needed to be real and genuine to get desired results.