Top 4 Spotting Scope For Birding & Bird Watching

Zeiss Victory Harpia

One of the best spotting scopes for birding and bird watching is the Zeiss Victory Harpia. This brand is one of the trusted brands in the market. It has 95 mm objective lens diameter so you can make sure that the light is evenly drawn to the most challenging areas.

Another great thing about this brand is that it has an incredible filed of view that allows you to get amazing views. This is also one of the not so expensive spotting scopes. As a matter of fact, you can buy the eyepiece separately from the scope.

Swarovski ATX

Despite the high price of this brand, you can guarantee that it is one of the best spotting scopes that you can see in the market. One reason why this brand is quite expensive is because of the unique features of the objective’s lens and angled zoom eyepiece. It has also an exceptional glass inside and the engineering and technology required to create this product is modernized.

Vortex Razor

Another fantastic spotting scope in the market is the Vortex Razor. This brand has been one of the favorites of bird watchers, If you check some articles online on how to choose a spotting scope for hunting and bird watching, Vortex Razor would always be the number one choice. It is fully coated with XR coatings so you can assure that it the maximum amount of light hits your eye to deliver a bright image.

Nikon Monarch ED

Last on our list is the Nikon Monarch ED 20-60x 82mm. It is one of the best combinations of performance and price that you can purchase on the market. The quality of the image is also outstanding and is comparable to other high quality spotting scopes.