Top Dog Training Tips

home or may be|Do you have a dog at home or[/spin] are you planning to get a new pet? One of the most tedious tasks in maintaining a adorable puppy is to train him properly. Nobody wants their to spoil your house or bite the guests who visit your home. So it is absolutely necessary that you train your puppy properly.

Basic training is of extreme importance for puppies in order to instill proper manners into them right from a young age so that they learn to behave properly in the house especially when guests drop in for a visit as this can be seen with Beautiful Shiba Inu puppies that are extremely adorable and start learning everything within a short span and soon become easy to handle and manage in the house.

Before you buy a dog or puppy, you must understand that it is always better to start at the earliest. In fact start training puppy when your puppy is around 4 to 7\Eight weeks of age. Although it is never too late to train a puppy, starting sooner will surely make things easier. So what is the best system to train a puppy? There are number of ways and methods anyone can use to train their dogs. But most of the dog owners will agree that reinforcing positive behavior is the best way to go.

Give Rewards Not Punishments

Let me explain this further. Similar to human child, puppies also respond better to rewards and treat than punishments. Whenever your puppy obey your instructions correctly, give him some sort of rewards. It is interesting, when you think of the fact that you can speak to kids in a language they can understand. Yet, our kids disobey our orders. But when a puppy disobeys your order it is mostly because the puppy didn’t get what exactly you need from him. That means, you need to find better ways of training.

Many times it is found that dog owners hit the dogs nose with magazines or newspaper every time the pet does something wrong. This is completely wrong. In fact this could counter productive. Your dog might have accidentally run into trouble and if you punish him for something which is not his mistake, then the dog will not be motivated to accept your instructions. Another common mistake performed by the dog owners is that, they shout at the dog. This will confuse your pet. Are you screaming because you are happy or are you yelling because you are angry? Be firm in your tone, but do not yell at him. Most of us who dealt with kids knows how to be firm in their commands yet friendly. This holds true for puppy potty training as well.